Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have been a fan of the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows for years now (such a guilty pleasure of mine!) and I have loved this season. Andi Dorfman to me has seemed like the most relatable to me of any of the Bachelorettes- she is from the South (Atlanta!), she went to an SEC school (LSU!) and she works in the legal field as an attorney! She has also seemed the most real because she would break the show's rules by sending the men home early if she wasn't into them. I think that showed a lot of respect for the guys because she wasn't wasting their time!
Last night was the season finale and I stayed up until midnight watching the finale, After The Final Rose.... and then Real Housewives of OC.. (couldn't miss that either). Last night Andi had to choose between Josh, an ex-pro baseball player, and Nick, an emo-type preppy guy (who I couldn't see the appeal in to begin with- he seemed creepy to me from the start).
Unfortunately this season I had cheated and looked at Reality Steve to read a spoiler of who would win- and it said Josh was who she chose. So I wasn't that surprised when she picked Josh- especially after she showed so much excitement during her last date with Josh, and lack-luster politeness during her last date with Nick.
Andi ended up breaking the show's rules again and showed up in Nick's hotel room and sent him home before the final rose ceremony- so then it was very obvious who she was going to pick. I had thought that Josh seemed fake in the things he would say and do during this season, but in the end his speech to her was so adorable. When Andi told him she was choosing him I got emotional! And then during the Final Rose after show they looked so incredibly happy together! It is very funny to me  that they are both from Atlanta, live 5 mintutes away from eachother and still had to meet through the Bachelor TV show! Sounds like fate to me. Hopefully this couple will work out like a few of the other TV couples have. I am rooting for them! They are such a cute couple and he really looks like he makes her happy.
Also, my intuition about Nick's creepy factor was correct. The After The Final Rose episode showed his persistent attempts to discuss with Andy what happened and ask her questons about what went wrong, even though she is engaged and should be left alone. Andi kept avoiding him and the notes he would write her- until the show made her face him live on tv. He was acting very crazy and just can't let go! It is a dating TV show so he shouldn't have been so blind sighted and should stop throwing temper tantrums. Readers, do you watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette? What do you think of the shows- or last night's finale?
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