Monday, July 28, 2014

Panama City Beach

Hey guys I am back from vacation! I was gone a week but truthfully it feels like I was gone a month! Its a little tough getting back into the swing of things at work today but it was such a great time. Panama City is such a cool place! If you are ever thinking about planning a trip to PCB, here are some fabulous places to eat! I am such a foodie so it was really fun investigating all the local restaurants around town.  
If you are looking for a restaurant with a beach side view, be sure to check out Schooners. It is located right on the water and people were even playing beach volleyball and building sand castles outside our window!

This was the view outside our window (above). We were really lucky to be seated right next to the windows without much of a wait (we didn't even make reservations!) The food is incredible. Be sure to order their tuna dip- I've never had anything like that in my life and I couldn't stop eating it! We both ordered fried seafood, and I got their "beach party" which is their famous seafood platter ($32.00 but SO worth it).

Another restaurant you must visit is Captain Jack's Seafood Buffet. The name might not sound that special, but it is known all over PCB as the best place for all-you-can-eat CRAB LEGS! And other seafood as well. It is $32.95 for each adult, and not only does it have an endless supply of crab legs, but all he rest of their seafood is insanely delicious as well. I got two huge plates of shrimp cocktail and fried seafood (I always look like a fat kid at buffets- I can't help myself!) and Adam had 3 plates of crab legs.  I've never even seen crab legs like those before and they tasted so delicious!! The buffet included grouper, fried shrimp, clams, southern cooking, fried scallops, stuffed crab, hushpuppies etc. My heaven!
 Unlimited crab legs at the buffet. 

Last but not least is Firefly, which is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to (be sure to make reservations!). Since we were on the ocean I was dying to try some sushi so I found Firefly online. It is a casual fine dining restaurant, so one side is a steak house (with an optional sushi menu) and the other side is more of a trendy sushi bar. The atmosphere there is gorgeous.. set up kind of like a European restaurant. The tables are pretty with granite counter tops. This restaurant was so amazing that we returned two nights in a row (the last 2 nights of our vacay.. Adam was saying he is glad we didnt try the restaurant earlier because he would have wanted to go every night!) 
The first night we started off with the crab cake appetizer (fabulous) and he ordered a Filet that was amazing (below) and I ordered 2 sushi rolls. Their sushi menu is huge with about 20 rolls to choose from. One sushi roll would probably be enough to feed one person. That night I ordered the Roll Tide Roll and the Tiger Roll (shown below).

The second night we returned and ordered 2 sushi rolls each. They included the Tiger Roll, the Red Dragon Roll, the Three Crab Roll, and one other fried roll (shown below). They all were delicious and had a huge amount of fish- the rolls were about $12.00 each, and you can't find sushi rolls with that much fish in Nashville- they would probably cost $30.00 in Nashville since we are further from the beach. Best sushi I have ever had in my life (and I am such a sushi snob!)

Best of all was our appetizer that night. It was the Crab and Tuna Tower- a pile of crab and sushi tuna on a bed of rice (shown below). I've never seen or tried anything like it and it was probably the best sushi dish I have ever had!

All in all, it was such an unforgettable trip. Readers, have you ever been to PCB? What are some great restaurants there that you've tried?

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