Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stamp of Approval

Happy Wednesday! I am feeling a little jetlagged from the 3-day 4th of July weekend! I feel like I'm in need of an IV drip of coffee in my system! But anyways, nothing like a little bit of writing to wake me up!
I absolutely love getting snail mail. Especially pretty looking mail! When its that time again to send thank you notes out, one thing that I found super convenient is an address stamp!
The stamp that I have been using ever since I moved into my new place is from Fawnsberg (above)- it is their "bright stamp". When you are sending multiple letters and notes out at once, it is so much easier to stamp than to hand write your return address. This is much cuter than using the type of address stickers we use at work.

Here is the address stamp and ink pad that I use (above). The bright stamp costs $65.00, which is a great investment if you are living at a permanent address. You can choose ink pads of many different colors- they're $5.00 each. I chose red since it is my favorite color. There are many other address stamps to choose from, and you can buy them here! Also, my monogrammed stationery is a favorite of mine (above)- it is from Paper Style and it is a steal- $41.95 for 50 fancy monogrammed notes and envelopes. I bought them over a year ago and I still haven't used them all!
Readers, what kind of stationery do you use? Do you like getting snail mail as much as me?


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