Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yay White Jeans! Boo Skinny Jeans.

Good morning readers! I am going to Florida in a few days so I have been on a hunt for beach clothes! I have been looking for white jeans for a few months since my old ones were kind of cheap and ended up shrinking in the dryer. It is unfortunate that you now can’t find boot cut jeans anywhere- even in the specialty jeans stores (unless you order them online)! This is an issue for both women and men!!! Basically all that is available are skinny jeans, and I refuse to wear skinny jeans unless I am wearing boots with them. I don’t really understand the skinny jeans trend because to me they just look kind of awkward and uncomfortable in the summertime- especially in white! I was very happy when I went into the 7 for All Mankind store in the mall and tried on a pair of Kimmie Straight Leg jeans in clean white. They are straight leg but not too tight on your legs, and best of all, they are not see through! I keep noticing that white shorts and jeans are totally see through when I try them on- even in high end stores.


Anyways, here are the jeans- they were ON SALE from $169 to $100! They are high quality so they won’t shrink in the wash and they are stretchy and comfortable. I wanted to post a link to where you can find them, but they are no longer on the 7 for All Mankind website and the deparment store links do not have them on sale. Go check them out in the 7 store if you want a good deal on quality white jeans! Can’t wait to wear them at the beach.. and around everywhere until Labor Day ;) 


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