Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday - The Grove

In honor of Throwback Thursday and the start of football season, I am posting about one of my favorite places-- The Grove!! I was lucky enough to enjoy the Grove for my 4 years at Ole Miss and there is really nothing like it in the world!

The Grove is the legendary tailgating area located at the center of the Ole Miss campus in Oxford, Mississippi. It is 10 acres in size and hosts thousands of Ole Miss tailgaters on the day of home fooball games. The Grove has been a tailgating tradition since the 1950s. Automobiles and RV campers have been banned from The Grove since a rainstorm in 1991 that turned The Grove into a swamp. The cars have been replaced by tents and will have as many as 25,000 fans on game days. Our tailgating is serious business. Many people have chandeliers in their tents and sterling silverware (see below)!  TVs can also sometimes be found in the tents in case you want to watch the game from your tent.

Here are some of my favorite Throwback Thursday pictures from our times in The Grove as students. Our last 2 years there my roommates and I would arrive at midnight each night before the game to set up our tent. Our last year there we arranged for a tent company to set up our tent for us- we tried to always have our tent in the exact same spot for each game. Nowadays people tend to wear the school colors to The Grove (red and blue), but as you can see, back when I was in school there the colors were irrelevant. We would just wear what we would wear to church or a cocktail party. Hotty toddy!

 (Maggie had to do the heisman pose.) 



(loved this Grove pic of the Tylers- he-Tyler and she-Tyler!)

Happy football season, readers!

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