Monday, September 29, 2014

$30.00 Wedding Dress

One of the most unnecessarily expensive factors in a wedding is the wedding dress! Many of them cost as much as (or more than) an engagement ring these days which is so outrageous! I came across this article last week. This bride-to-be from Seattle made her wedding dress for only $30.00!

The crafty bride, Chi Krneta, made good use of her time during her 50-minute bus commute each morning, crocheting her entire wedding gown herself! It took her about five months to complete the one-of-a-kind dress for her big day. Her wedding was on July 26, and she said all of the guests loved her dress, but there was one guest missing from the ceremony- her grandmother who passed away several years ago. 

She thought that crocheting her wedding dress would be a nice way of incorporating her grandmother's gift of teaching her to crochet when she was a child into her wedding. She felt it was a great tribute to her!

Ms. Krneta is also an architect, and looked at constructing the dress like one of her architecture projects. She also used her architecture skills while working on the adjustable bridesmaid dresses and handmade centerpieces.

What a smart girl! I guess it's time to start learning how to crochet (haha)! Click here to read the article on the Good Morning America Website.

Readers, do you know any stories of brides who made their own wedding dresses?

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