Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Attention Everybody: Ralph Lauren Sale!


I don't think I can name a single person who doesn't like Ralph Lauren... and guess what? There's a big sale going on for women AND men! And their seasonal sale hasn't even hit yet! The sale is in all of their sections- their Polo line, their Black Label line, Blue Label Line, Lauren line, and Denim & Supply line. Ralph Lauren makes literally, every kind of clothes you can think of, for all occasions. There are hundreds of items marked way-way down right now on their site, but here are a few of my favorites.

Men, (and women with significant others), there's a ton of shirts marked down on their site. Be sure to order Classic Fit, not Custom Fit, because the Custom fit does not fit right on the vast majority of the male population. This goes for both button down shirts and polos- the sleeves will be really tight on most arms and it will be an overall extremely tight-fitted fit. So play it safe and always order CLASSIC FIT!

This golf polo is marked down from $89.50 to $39.99.

This Dress shirt is marked down from $125.00 to $34.99.

This casual shirt was $95.00, now is $34.99.

Now for the women's clothing! 

Sometimes we need an emergency ballgown for an event. For formal dresses- this Lauren embellish one-shoulder gown (above): marked down from $180.00 to $84.99.

Lauren Shirred Strapless gown- marked down from $198.00 to $94.99 (Some of my friends and I have other versions of this dress in purple, green, blue, maroon and pink that we also got from this sale a couple years ago. It looks amazing on all body types.)

From their Black Label Line

This two-toned scoopneck dress (above) is marked down from $134.00 to $44.99.

From their Blue Label Line: 

I LOVE these Courtland colored skinny jeans- marked down from $198.00 to $49.00. (I can't get enough of red pants!)

Lauren Elastic Lace-Up Skirt- marked down from $79.99 to $24.99 (perfect skirt for work!)

From their Denim & Supply line:

Denim & Supply Striped Tank Dress: was $89.90, now $29.99.

Heart Concert Tank Dress: was $79.50, now $29.99 (perfect to wear to a concert or any patriotic themed party!!)

They also have tons of cute sweaters on sale too-- which we all need since fall is here. You should always keep an eye on the Ralph Lauren website because they have so much merchandise that they will have big sales year round! So if you are looking for a gift for someone, or just a deal on something you need now or later, be sure to look around!

Readers, what do you think of these items on sale? 

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