Monday, September 22, 2014


Good morning, readers! I am sitting here sipping a Starbucks iced latte trying to wake up! I usually post pretty positive reviews on this blog but sadly, I am pretty irritated about some clothes I ordered from H&M. 

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M exists in 53 countries. It's design team in the company's Sweden office controls the steps of production, and is outsourced to 800 factories in Europe and Asia. 

I have been a huge fan of H&M, and I got some great clothes from the H&M in New York City. I even went to an H&M when I was in Amsterdam traveling, and I still wear the khaki blazer I got from there today. My favorite clothes I get from there are work or professional clothing- it is all extremely affordable but is still much higher quality than something you would get from Forever 21 (even though it costs the same price).

We FINALLY got an H&M in Nashville at the Opry Mills mall about a year ago, and at about the exact same time, H&M opened an online store as well!

I've been feeling like my work clothes keep disappearing so I decided to order some work attire off their website, figuring that I could return whatever doesn't work to the store we have here. 

Out of the 5 items I ordered, I am only keeping one!!! This knit cardigan (above) is what I will be keeping- I am also very happy that it only cost $12.95! Yes, $12.95.. and it is still really comfy and high quality. I've already worn it twice and I'm wearing it today!!

What made me annoyed was that I ordered 2 work skirts and 1 pair of suit pants. To be safe, I ordered all of them in a size 6 for some wiggle room. These are what I ordered:

Pencil skirt: $24.95

Knee-length skirt: $24.95

Suit pants: $34.95

They were all way, wayyyy ridiculously too small. The size 6s all fit more like a 2 or size 0! I understand that it is a European company, but at least in their online store they should give a warning to American customers that they should order 2 sizes above what size you usually wear. The good news is that these items in person are all very high quality, much like something you would get from Express or White House Black Market. So... when looking for pants or skirts from there, be sure to try them on in the store, or order way up from your usual size! 

I also ordered this dress for work in a size 6 (above). I figured it would look cute for fall and winter with a pair of boots. But the crease in the center of the dress in person is pretty distracting, and it looks very baggy and frumpy when I try it on. Therefore, I'm considering returning this dress as well.

Now I am trying to decide whether I should make the trek over to the busy Opry Mills after work to return the 4 items in person, or to skip it, avoid the traffic and just return them all by U.S. Mail. Returning 4 out of 5 items is kind of a bummer! But oh well, I'm still a big fan!! Note: if you order from them online, you can sign up for their newsletter and you'll get 20% off of one item you purchase! For now, you can get free shipping if you enter the code 2288 at checkout. Shipping is usually only around $6.00 no matter how many items you order. 

Hopefully I will have better luck next time. Readers, what do you think of H&M?

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