Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More Love Letters

If you were having a really bad day...looked down in the shopping cart while running errands.. found a mysterious card saying "read me!"... you open it to find an upbeat letter with words of encouragement. Would this surprise letter from a complete stranger improve your mood? 

The World Needs More Love Letters Project is an organization lifting, empowering and mobilizing individuals through tangible acts of love.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the project's 26-year-old founder, Hannah Brencher, thought up the idea during an especially bad day in October 2010. A recent graduate of a College in Massachusetts, she had moved to New York City to work with a Catholic community service program. She found herself so lonely and depressed in NYC that she would "cry pretty profusely" on the train from time to time. (Which is understandable.. I would probably do the same if I lived in NYC- I probably couldn't handle it either haha!)

One day, she noticed a woman on the train who appeared as sad as she was feeling. Impulsively, she began writing her a letter of encouragement and felt her own mood improve. Brencher then started writing anonymous love letters and leaving them in coffee shops, bathrooms, coat pockets, and lobbies. She wrote a blog about what she had been doing, and within 24 hours she received 100 requests from people asking her to write letters to their loved ones who could use some thoughtful words.

After a year spent writing 400 love letters to strangers, the More Love Letters Project was created. Brencher now speaks around the country about the More Love Letters story and inspires college students to be active towards the bigger picture. In 2013 she signed her first book deal, and her memoir "If You Find This Letter" will be in bookstores worldwide March 2014.

As of 2012, the project has a huge team of anonymous love-letter leavers, including a team of writers and thousands more contributors who can write letters at any time. All letters have a clue at the end of the card as to its origins-

People who find the letters- in library books, shopping carts, etc., post grateful stories on the website: one woman found a letter on a train the day her mother was diagnosed with cancer, another person found one in a bathroom a week after her finance ended their engagement.

Their website has a Letter Requests Section- it lists people who are having an especially hard time. It describes their situation and asks that you send a love letter that will be sent as a bundle to the person. If you know of a friend or family member in need of kind words or encouragement, you can nominate the person through their website to be chosen by their team.

Here are some actual love letters found from the project- all images found via instagram (#moreloveletters) and the project's website. Its a pretty cool idea because you never know what people could be going through and how much a small good deed could brighten someone's day!


Readers, what do you think about the More Love Letters project? Personally I think it's adorable! Any project encouraging people to spread happiness sounds like an awesome idea to me! Check out their website if you want to write some love letters yourself!

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