Monday, September 8, 2014

There's No Avoiding It.. Fall is Here!

Although the temperature was in the 90's this weekend, fall is on its way! I am not a big fan of the fall season because it means winter is coming.. but I made sure to plan ahead to get some of my fall outfits on sale before it starts getting cold!

I have been looking for a white peacoat ever since I had one in college. White can go with any outfit or color choice! I found the perfect one at the Victoria's Secret online store- they have it in 8 colors! I ordered the VS Peacoat in ivory, shown here:

It was marked down from $128 to $99! You can find it here.  

Here are some pics of the VS Peacoat in black and red, which are also available (above). It is really comfy and warm! It also isn't too dressy to wear to work or the mall.

I also made sure to order some boots for fall. I wear boots to work during the fall/ winter seasons, and every year I wear my boots out so much that they have a hole in them by February! So I decided to order 2 pairs of boots in different colors since they get so much use- these were marked down from $79.95 to $44.99 anyways! Here are the Madden Girl Zuzu boots- I ordered them in both of these colors- cognac and black!

I love the colored zipper on the back of the boots! These were both marked down from $79.95 to $44.99 at one of my favorite websites- This is a shoe website that has shoes on sale that can all be ordered with free shipping! Any time I see a shoe I like in a store, I go home and look at and most of the time I will find it on sale and have it sent to me for free! Be sure to check it out!

Now I am now on a hunt for a leopard scarf. I think a leopard scarf can really jazz up any outfit! 

I like this one here- it is the Women's Crinkled Infinity Scarf- only $15.00 here

Readers, what do you think of these fall looks? What are your favorite deals for fall? Feel free to comment! 

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