Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes!!!

It is almost HALLOWEEN-- one of my all-time favorite holidays! Halloween is on a Friday this year so it looks like it's going to be a pretty crazy night in Nashville! 

I didn't plan ahead this year, and although I came up with some fun ideas, I've decided to wear a costume that I already have from a couple years back. We will be going to a block party where there will be costume contests so I can't wait to see the outfits!

It's not too late to get into the Halloween Spirit! Here are some fun costume ideas that I found on Pinterest that you could probably throw together last minute!

(Lost Uber driver!) 

 What are you going to be for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Who Says Cats Aren't Like Dogs?

I have two rescue cats- Missy and Leo. I have had Leo since when I was 21 in college- he would live with me in Oxford during my years at Ole Miss!  He was a stray cat that my sister found in a park one night and she brought him home- I've been taking care of him ever since! He is the sweetest, most loveable animal I've ever met! 


I have had Missy ever since she was a kitten- 
I adopted her from the Nashville Humane Association last summer:

They are best friends.

This is when they first met.

This is Missy now:


Anyways, Missy is a very rambunctious kitty and one day she taught herself how to fetch! She finds my ponytail holders in the trash and brings them to me to throw! See the video below:

It is hilarious and she will really try to play fetch ALL DAY! It can be very tiring for me but its soooo cute and funny! She even brought it again to me this morning before work.. I threw it 3 times for her before having to leave. Love it! Just thought I'd share.

Please remember: don't shop- adopt! The sweetest animals I've ever had were ones who were homeless and needed a home! They have added so much to my life especially since I live alone! 

What do you think of Missy's new trick? 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Taylor Swift's New Album is Finally Here!!!

IT IS OCTOBER 27!!! Do you know what that means? Taylor Swift's new cd, 1989, was released TODAY! I have been counting down the days all month and I was so excited to buy it on iTunes this morning. 

I am a major Taylor Swift fan. You have probably noticed that I write about her often on this blog. Not only is she a fellow Nashvillian, she is such an incredible songwriter and she is always keeping it classy (unlike some other young musician/celebrities these days).  She doesn't have to be shocking or provocative to get attention because she is talented on her own. 

This is the fourth CD of her's that I have bought and every time I buy a Taylor Swift CD it will be playing in my car for literally months and months! This is because all of her CDs are really that good! (No shame here haha!)

She titled this album 1989 (her birth year) because 80's music inspired the songs on this album. This is her first-ever documented official pop album- no more country here.  

I was watching an interview with her last week on E! News, and they asked her why she chose a new type of music for this album. She said that when she came out with her last album, Red, people kept asking her which song was her favorite on the CD. She told everyone her favorite song was Trouble, and it hit her-- that song didn't sound anything like the songs she usually writes. This inspired her to make this electro-pop album!

The co-writers and producers for the album were Jack Antoff from the band Fun, Imogen Heap, Ryan Tedder, Max Martin and Shellback. Rolling Stone gave the album 4 out of 5 stars so its a big hit and the critics love it!

I listed to the album on the way to work this morning and all of the songs really do have an 80's vibe to them.They are all really emotion-provoking and were heavily influenced by her journal and her move to New York City. 


 My favorite songs on the CD (as of now) are: All You Had to Do Was Stay,  Blank Space, Welcome to New York, and Out of The Woods. They are A-Maz-Ing!!!!!!! 

So if you are wanting to liven up your Monday, go listen to 1989!!! You won't be let down. Readers, have you listened to 1989 yet? Do you like her new sound? Let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October Shirts & Shoes!

Good morning readers! This week is almost over and its been a doozie for me! Can't wait for the weekend. Something good that has happened this week though is that I got some awesome deals on stuff I've been needing. 

First of all--- I have been SO excited about these loafers I got from Old Navy for only $10.00!!! Yes.. $10.00 marked down from $30.00! They were in the sale section in the store. I think flats look silly with dress pants sometimes so I had been looking for some dress shoes. They are comfy and I got them in a half size bigger than usual just in case they were a little stiff. Go find them in the store or order some similar ones on sale here!

Old Navy is having their 20th Birthday Sale this week. It is up to 60% off everything in the store and online. While I was in Old Navy I came across one of the prettiest flannel shirts I've ever seen (below):

In person the colors are super vibrant and eye catching so I knew it was a must-have. Its perfect for the dull fall season! You can find it and other flannel colors for only $20.00 here. Old Navy's flannel shirts look WAY more expensive than they actually are which is awesome!

Also, in a post a couple months ago I told you about my all-time favorite shirt, the Portofino Shirt by Express. They have it in 22 colors and it is THE perfect shirt for work, lunch, going out on the town, to the movies... anything. They are really nice material so they don't get clingy or wear out over time. They have buttons so you can button up the sleeves at the elbow to make them shorter. Now they have come out with the Portofino shirt in prints too!!!!! 

They have come out with a leopard version (above). Something about leopard print is so irresistible- especially in the dreary fall and winter seasons. It can really jazz up your outfit even when you're covered by a sweater or coat. You can find this top here and all Portofino shirts are buy one, get one for $20.00!  I'm so excited about adding this shirt to my closet!!!

Just when I didn't think Express couldn't out-do their Portofino Shirts, they have also come out with a nautical version!!!!! (Above). It has little anchors on it and its the perfect shade of blue and white!! 

It will go great with any color pants, including bright colors like red or green! I don't know which one I loved more- the leopard or the nautical version, so I got both, especially since it was buy one, get one for $20.00.... so they ended up being only $30.00 each!!!!!

Readers, do you like the deals I got this week?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Eyebrow Threading

Last night I went to Green Hills mall after work. After looking around for about an hour, I walked by Brow Art 23, an eyebrow threading store. 

I had been wondering about the ancient art of eyebrow threading for years- and the process sounded so bizarre to me! Eyebrow threading, which originated in the Middle East over 6000 years ago, involves twisting a piece of thread, usually cotton, into a double strand. This double stranded thread is used to pick up and pluck a line of hair and then remove it at the follicle, creating a clean, precise line. This is different than tweezing, which removes one hair at a time.

I have always gone to a salon to have a professional wax my brows because its a mess when I try to tweeze them myself! It is guaranteed that I will mess them up and they will end up too thin or completely uneven. So I go about every 2 months to Wendy at Kiva Salon and lately it has been harder to schedule an appointment with her after work. I made a snap decision to give eyebrow threading a try to see what in the world this would be like!

I walked in and the lady sat me straight in the chair. There was NO wait and I didn't need an appointment! (Note- this was at 8:00 p.m. on a Monday night, so not the busiest time.. but still!) To be honest, I was frightened. I didn't know how much it would hurt, how long it would take, or how to even sit in the chair. 

When she was threading, it reminded me of someone taking a rake and pulling your hair out all at once with a rake.The entire process took seriously about ONE MINUTE! I looked in the mirror and my brows look fabulous! I now believe that I am hooked. I thought it really wasn't as painful and it took much less time than waxing. Yes, any time you are pulling hair out by the follicle it will hurt, but this wasn't as bad for me because it was so quick and there was no hot wax involved. No pain, no gain!

Usually my entire forehead area will be bright red and sore for about 5 hours with waxing, but my skin wasn't irritated or red at all from threading! Its a miracle! It also only cost $11.00! I am used to paying $15.00- $20.00 in a salon, and with no appointment necessary, how convenient is that?

 Brow Art 23 also offers the following services:

Henna Tattoos;
Body and Facial Threading;
Permanent Makeup;
Eyelash Extensions, and
Skin Care. (I wouldn't mind trying their eyelash extensions, haha!)

Here are some more reasons why you should try eyebrow threading:

- It is a natural beauty regimen- no harmful products or chemicals like waxing;
- It is less expensive, and appointments are not always required;
- The eyebrow stylist has her hands in the air, not blocking your face so she can see more clearly what she is doing and how she is shaping your brows, and
- It takes less time than waxing (at least in my experience).

Note: If you are really picky about your brows, tell your stylist at Brow Art 23 what you would like done before she starts. I am not picky so I let her do whatever she wanted. It takes about 3 weeks for your brows to grow back.

Readers, have you ever tried eyebrow threading? 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Vineyard Vines!!!

Hey guys! I just found out about a huge sale at one of my biggest weaknesses- Vineyard Vines!! It is their Friends and Family Sale -- and you get 25% off your order, and an additional 40% off sale items! Be sure to use their code: FF14!

Vineyard Vines has incredible preppy style clothing. They are known for their bright, pastel colors. They have awesome dresses, bags, etc. for women - and shirts, ties and shorts for men! Here are some of my favorite outfits from Vineyard Vines from over the years: 

Readers, what are your favorite items from Vineyard Vines? Happy shopping!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Even though Columbus Day sales are over, this just so happens to be a HUGE sale week! 

If you are planning on taking a trip in the near future, Southwest is having a 72-hour nationwide sale. It started yesterday so you have until tomorrow to take advantage of this sale. For all you Nashvillians, here are some deals they have on Nashville flights that may interest you:

 From Nashville, TN:

Ann Taylor is having a rare fall warehouse sale. It is an extra 50% to 70% off all sale styles with code FALLSALE until October 17. There is so much amazing stuff in this sale- here are some examples:

This striped blouse: originally $69.99, marked down to $54.99, 
with code extra 60% off, 
now: $22.00!!!

This sleeved striped dress: originally $129.00, marked down to $79.99, 
with code extra 60% off: $32.00!!

This silk camp shirt: was $98.00, marked down to $69.99, 
with code extra 50% off: now $35.00!!

As you may have heard on many fashion blogs, Shopbop is having a friends and family sale that is 25% off your entire purchase! Be sure to use the sale code: FAMILY25. This sale is on everything they sell (except a few exceptions- not just sale items!) They have over 100 designer brands to choose from like Tory Burch, Free People, Ella Moss, etc. So if you are planning on making a big purchase like a Tory Burch bag or a pair of designer jeans, 25% off could save you A LOT of money! Sale ends on October 16. Check out the site here.

Victoria's Secret is having a fall clothing sale (up to 60% off)- this is on over 1,950 of their clothing styles. They have awesome jackets, jeans, sweaters, blouses, dresses, etc... MAJOR deals! Check out the clothing sale here .

Forever21 is having a fall sale- extra 30% off on their website (with the code TAKE30)  and in the store. It last until October 19.

Ralph Lauren still has huge sales on the company's website. You can also get free shipping with the code FREESHIP125. Shop their sale here .

Readers, let me know if you know of any other great deals!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nordstrom Rack Is Here!

Good morning, readers! We get 1 optional holiday a year at work, so I took Columbus Day off yesterday. Since I had some time on my hands I decided to make a trip over to the new Nordstrom Rack in Brentwood! 

 (Sorry for the van photobomb!)

It just opened on October 3 so it is brand new (and not even on Google Maps yet)! It is located next to the TJ Maxx on Franklin Road. I LOVE Nordstrom so I can't believe we actually got a Nordstrom Rack here!!!

Nordstrom Rack  sells apparel, accessories and jewelry from full-line Nordstom stores at 30 percent to 70 percent off regular prices. The stores typically carry a vast selection of on-trend apparel, accessories and shoes for men, women and kids- and they have a home department too! 

I had never been in a Nordstrom Rack before. WARNING: Nordstrom Rack will probably overwhelm you when you first walk in because there is SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF! 

I would suggest that you have something in mind that you are looking for before you go, so you can go straight to that section first. I was overwhelmed and ended up spending over an hour and a half in there... and with the holiday crowd I ended up a little exhausted! 

Anyways, I first walked through the front door straight into their jean section. There were soooo many pairs of designer jeans- Hudson, True Religion, ect. and they were all at least $90.00 off the regular price. These did not look like the leftover jeans that nobody wanted at Nordstrom- they had ALL types, colors, and styles of denim (light wash, dark wash, black jeans, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans.. ect.) in every size imaginable. 

Here's a pic of just one of the jean racks in the store.

They also had tons of designer purses, leggings and AWESOME work attire! I fell in love with many work dresses and dress pants, but I already have enough work clothes so I didn't try any on. 

 The deals are absolutely crazy! I found a gorgeous wrap dress from Laundry that was marked down from $155.00 to $39.97! They have a huge clearance section too with MUCH bigger deals than this!

They also had lots of sweaters, a Free People section, and their shoes.... I took a look at their HUGE shoes section and it is beyond amazing! Tory Burch, Steve Madden, Mia, etc.

They have a large beauty supplies section too, with lots of OPI nail polish and tons of perfume and cologne wayyy marked down! I didn't look at the men's or children's section but it looks like there is a big selection of those too! 

Here are some of the clothes that I tried on (above). I loved this hounds tooth blouse and this black-and-white tank top. These True Religion jeans were super cute but I decided I don't need any more jeans right now! 

I am proud of myself because although I tried on tons of stuff, I only bought one thing yesterday- this black button down blouse from Ro & De:

It was marked down from $78.00 to $34.97! Score!!  

You should definitely go make a trip down there- I promise you won't be disappointed! 

(Yes, I do like to think of myself as a shopping genius!)

You can also order off of their online store here - they have free shipping! 

Readers: have you made it to Nordstrom Rack yet? What did you find? Happy shopping!

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