Thursday, October 23, 2014

October Shirts & Shoes!

Good morning readers! This week is almost over and its been a doozie for me! Can't wait for the weekend. Something good that has happened this week though is that I got some awesome deals on stuff I've been needing. 

First of all--- I have been SO excited about these loafers I got from Old Navy for only $10.00!!! Yes.. $10.00 marked down from $30.00! They were in the sale section in the store. I think flats look silly with dress pants sometimes so I had been looking for some dress shoes. They are comfy and I got them in a half size bigger than usual just in case they were a little stiff. Go find them in the store or order some similar ones on sale here!

Old Navy is having their 20th Birthday Sale this week. It is up to 60% off everything in the store and online. While I was in Old Navy I came across one of the prettiest flannel shirts I've ever seen (below):

In person the colors are super vibrant and eye catching so I knew it was a must-have. Its perfect for the dull fall season! You can find it and other flannel colors for only $20.00 here. Old Navy's flannel shirts look WAY more expensive than they actually are which is awesome!

Also, in a post a couple months ago I told you about my all-time favorite shirt, the Portofino Shirt by Express. They have it in 22 colors and it is THE perfect shirt for work, lunch, going out on the town, to the movies... anything. They are really nice material so they don't get clingy or wear out over time. They have buttons so you can button up the sleeves at the elbow to make them shorter. Now they have come out with the Portofino shirt in prints too!!!!! 

They have come out with a leopard version (above). Something about leopard print is so irresistible- especially in the dreary fall and winter seasons. It can really jazz up your outfit even when you're covered by a sweater or coat. You can find this top here and all Portofino shirts are buy one, get one for $20.00!  I'm so excited about adding this shirt to my closet!!!

Just when I didn't think Express couldn't out-do their Portofino Shirts, they have also come out with a nautical version!!!!! (Above). It has little anchors on it and its the perfect shade of blue and white!! 

It will go great with any color pants, including bright colors like red or green! I don't know which one I loved more- the leopard or the nautical version, so I got both, especially since it was buy one, get one for $20.00.... so they ended up being only $30.00 each!!!!!

Readers, do you like the deals I got this week?

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