Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stitch Fix


A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about this fabulous online service called Rent The Runway. I've had an amazing experience with them and I've used it three times in the past year- and I will for sure rent more clothes from there in the future. This week I got to try out another online fashion service that is also such a fun and genius idea- its called Stitch Fix. While I had heard about Rent The Runway from talking to friends at events a couple years ago- I recently found out about Stitch Fix by reading fashion blogs! Nobody I know personally has used this service, so the journalist in me was really excited to try it out!

Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist service that mails you clothes to try on for a $20.00 stylist fee. You buy what you like and send what you don't want back to them in the mail. 

It is free shipping both ways- and if you find something you like, the $20.00 stylist fee is applied towards your purchase. They send you 5 items of clothes, jewelry or accessories, and if you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your purchase! If you don't like anything, you just get charged the $20.00 styling fee and at least you got to try on 5 items styled for you!

You are probably wondering how they pick the clothes or jewelry items for you. Online you fill out a Stitch Fix profile so they know your size, shape, age, budget, profession, lifestyle, etc. You are surveyed from different wardrobe styles what is or isn't your style. You can even write a separate note to your stylist of what specific items you would like in this month's fix! 

You then choose how often you would like to receive your fix- every 2-3 weeks, every month, every 2 months, etc. I chose every month! Once you receive your fix in the mail, you have 3 days to decide what you want to keep before mailing it back.

When I first read about this, it sounded to me like a waste of money. It seemed a little bit like Birch Box, a service where you get charged for a bunch of beauty items you will rarely use or didn't want. 

But with this, you only get charged for anything once you've decided what you want or don't want. AND I looked online on blogs and instagram, and I realized these clothes are SO cute! Seriously- I wanted the majority of everything I saw! So this really sounded convenient to me because it would be saving me a trip to the mall, or I could try something out of my comfort zone since I sometimes get in a bit of a fashion rut- sticking with whatever is "easiest" or "safe" for me.You also write your stylist feedback afterwards so they can better style you next time.

So now onto my first fix from Stitch Fix! I filled out my online profile about six weeks ago- I told them I worked in the legal profession, my style, etc. 

I also told them:

- No jewelry - at that time I wasn't looking for jewelry;
- No black- I was worried I may be sent 5 items of black clothing;
- No scarfs- at that time it was August so scarfs def weren't something I wanted, and
- I asked that if they could find any, to send me a pair of burgundy or red skinny jeans, since I had been looking for some. 

This Monday, my first fix arrived! 

Here is my cat Missy playing in the Stitch Fix box. Isn't she cute?

Here are my five items:

Fix #1: This Collective Concepts  Button Up Sleeveless Blouse

My Thoughts: I liked the color and the material, but I wasn't a fan of the neckline. Something about it looked weird to me at the time. For the price of $54.00, I didn't want to spend that much for a shirt I didn't love. Looking back, I kind of wish I kept this blouse because I don't have anything like it, the navy blue goes with many colors and it could have gotten a lot of use. 

Status: Sent back.

Fix #2: Renee C. Paisley Print Blouse

My Thoughts:  This top wasn't me at all. I could see other people I know wearing it, but not me. I tried it on anyways, but just felt really out of place wearing it. It was too "boho" for my style and I also thought it looked like something that would be in the pre-teen section of a store.  Price: $48.00. 

Status: Sent back. 

 Fix #3: 41 Hawthorne Plaid Print Pencil Skirt

My Thoughts: No. Definitely not. I tried it on anyways just to see, and it was WAY too long on me. It reminded me of the days when I would wear a school uniform at my all-girls school, and even then I wore my skirt much shorter than this. It reminded me of a costume. I hated it. It cost $64.00 which isn't THAT bad for a nice skirt, but I could not ever see myself wearing this, even to work. 

Status: Sent back.

 Fix #4: Mavi Gold Burgundy Skinny Jeans

My Thoughts: YAY! My stylist found me burgundy skinny jeans- just like I'd asked!!! What is funny is that I remember wearing Mavi jeans in high school and middle school. These cost more than I had expected to spend on jeans, but I fell in love with them. They fit me absolutely perfectly and they would go with sooooo many outfits and colors. They are also sooooooooo comfortable! So I broke down and got them... I reasoned that I hadn't bought an expensive pair of designer jeans in years, so I took the plunge!

Status: Kept it. I am now on a hunt for these skinny jeans in other colors too since they are sooooo perfect!!!!  

Fix #5: Papermoon Shift Dress

My Thoughts: This would be a great dress for work, but it sorta looks like something that someone older than me would wear. It fit a little baggy on me. I have enough work dresses right now, so this isn't something I've been looking for. The $64.00 price though wasn't bad for a high quality dress.

Status: Sent back. 

The stylists also send you cute little cards with advice on how to style your items! Adorable. Here is an example of what my stylist's ideas were to style my items:

 Even though I didn't like the items, these outfits look cute!

Here is  how she thought I should style my burgundy skinny jeans, which I kept:

 I will definitely be using this as inspiration on how to wear my new jeans!

I went back and gave my stylist feedback so she can better style me next time. I would recommend this service to any woman of any age. Who doesn't love getting surprise mystery packages in the mail? They suggest that you try on every item since you never know how something could look on! 

I suggest everyone to try it atleast once just for fun! If you hate it all, it was a $20.00 experience you got to try. I can't wait to get my next fix on November 5! If you want to try it out, please use my referral code- For each person you refer to Stitch Fix you get credited $25.00 to your account! My code is here:

Readers, what do you think of this service? What did you think of the items I got, and do you think I made the right decision on what I did or didn't keep? Thanks for reading this long post, guys!


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