Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Target Finds!!!

Hey guys! After my failed attempt to order work clothes from H&M (I still haven't made it down to the store to return the 4 items), I am happy to report that I found some fabulous work clothes at Target! Actually, not just for work- these are staple items because they can also be dressed up for nighttime!

My #1 favorite item that I got were BLACK SKINNY JEANS! I have been seeing them everywhere on blogs, around town, etc. because they really top off any outfit making you look trendy and sharp! I had been looking for a pair that is comfortable but still fits. I was happy to find these because they are really high quality and are such a steal - only cost $27.99!! They are super soft, look great with any color boots and can be dressed up or down! Here are the black skinny jeans: they're Denizen from Levi's - Essential Stretch Skinny Black Jeans.

I can't wait to wear these. I'm so happy that I didn't have to spend so much money in a designer store for black skinnies. They have gotten 5-star reviews from customers! Click here to order them online, or pick them up in the store!

It is extremely comfortable and soft- I could sleep in this dress its so comfy! It looks like something I could have gotten from Nordstrom or a boutique because it is a high-quality knit material. It looks great with a cardigan for work, or it could be dressed up with a necklace and heels for nighttime. Its very flowy and on me it isn't as short as in the picture (I'm 5 foot 6 and it hits about an inch above my knee.) It only costs $24.99! I know I will be wearing this dress forever. Click here to order it for yourself.

I also found this black skirt that can also be dressed up or down. 

I wear it with a tucked-in button down shirt and a cardigan for work- it looks shorter on the model because its actually almost knee-length for me. It only costs $14.99 and it comes in 9 colors: black, green, navy blue, pink, blue diamond, black & white, maroon, and floral. I want the maroon one too! Click here to order it.

Last but not least are some dress pants I found in the store. They are boot-cut trouser pants that I got in heather gray. They are comfortable and fit surprisingly well.

Obviously I would probably only wear these around the office because they are such a profesh look- but they only cost $27.99 woohoo! I don't think I can find the exact pants online but this is the closest I could find to the pants I got - here is the link to order these pants in a petite size. I don't wear a petite size but maybe they will work for you!

Nothing is better than finding exactly what you want for cheap, and as you can see Target has some amazing stuff right now! I will be wearing these items for a loooong time. Please run over to their store and get some great deals! I completely avoided their shoe section because it looks like they have TONS of cute boots, booties and heels right now- so look in that section too! 

Readers, have you found anything great at Target lately?

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