Monday, October 27, 2014

Taylor Swift's New Album is Finally Here!!!

IT IS OCTOBER 27!!! Do you know what that means? Taylor Swift's new cd, 1989, was released TODAY! I have been counting down the days all month and I was so excited to buy it on iTunes this morning. 

I am a major Taylor Swift fan. You have probably noticed that I write about her often on this blog. Not only is she a fellow Nashvillian, she is such an incredible songwriter and she is always keeping it classy (unlike some other young musician/celebrities these days).  She doesn't have to be shocking or provocative to get attention because she is talented on her own. 

This is the fourth CD of her's that I have bought and every time I buy a Taylor Swift CD it will be playing in my car for literally months and months! This is because all of her CDs are really that good! (No shame here haha!)

She titled this album 1989 (her birth year) because 80's music inspired the songs on this album. This is her first-ever documented official pop album- no more country here.  

I was watching an interview with her last week on E! News, and they asked her why she chose a new type of music for this album. She said that when she came out with her last album, Red, people kept asking her which song was her favorite on the CD. She told everyone her favorite song was Trouble, and it hit her-- that song didn't sound anything like the songs she usually writes. This inspired her to make this electro-pop album!

The co-writers and producers for the album were Jack Antoff from the band Fun, Imogen Heap, Ryan Tedder, Max Martin and Shellback. Rolling Stone gave the album 4 out of 5 stars so its a big hit and the critics love it!

I listed to the album on the way to work this morning and all of the songs really do have an 80's vibe to them.They are all really emotion-provoking and were heavily influenced by her journal and her move to New York City. 


 My favorite songs on the CD (as of now) are: All You Had to Do Was Stay,  Blank Space, Welcome to New York, and Out of The Woods. They are A-Maz-Ing!!!!!!! 

So if you are wanting to liven up your Monday, go listen to 1989!!! You won't be let down. Readers, have you listened to 1989 yet? Do you like her new sound? Let me know what you think!

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