Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Who Says Cats Aren't Like Dogs?

I have two rescue cats- Missy and Leo. I have had Leo since when I was 21 in college- he would live with me in Oxford during my years at Ole Miss!  He was a stray cat that my sister found in a park one night and she brought him home- I've been taking care of him ever since! He is the sweetest, most loveable animal I've ever met! 


I have had Missy ever since she was a kitten- 
I adopted her from the Nashville Humane Association last summer:

They are best friends.

This is when they first met.

This is Missy now:


Anyways, Missy is a very rambunctious kitty and one day she taught herself how to fetch! She finds my ponytail holders in the trash and brings them to me to throw! See the video below:

It is hilarious and she will really try to play fetch ALL DAY! It can be very tiring for me but its soooo cute and funny! She even brought it again to me this morning before work.. I threw it 3 times for her before having to leave. Love it! Just thought I'd share.

Please remember: don't shop- adopt! The sweetest animals I've ever had were ones who were homeless and needed a home! They have added so much to my life especially since I live alone! 

What do you think of Missy's new trick? 

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