Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I just woke up from my food coma and wanted to write a little bit on here to say that I hope everyone is having a fabulous Turkey Day! Not only am I thankful for my friends and family today, I am also so thankful for my readers of this blog! You guys give me a reason to write on here for such a fun hobby, so thank you for making this blog possible and giving it a purpose! I really reeeeeally appreciate it! :)

Here is a pic from today of some of my wonderful family after our Thanksgiving feast here in Nashville! As always, we had such a wonderful time! I love my family so much and I am so lucky to have them all live here in Music City!!!

Also, side note: I hope everybody gets some great deals tomorrow for my favorite shopping day of all, BLACK FRIDAY! Obviously, there are a million sales going on and its too overwhelming to post many on here. But my favorite sale going on right now until November 30 is at J. Crew Factory

It is 50% (or more) off EVERYTHING! Free shipping too, but be sure to enter the code "THANKS" at checkout! J. Crew Factory is such an amazing store, so you guys should definitely go see some of their deals!

I have a really exciting holiday weekend coming up! Tomorrow, Adam and I are going out to his dad's land in Columbia to enjoy the country side! Maybe do some target shooting, who knows! Then, on Saturday we are going to the UT v. Vanderbilt football game! I am SOOOO looking forward to it! For once, I will be cheering for both teams, but I think I will wear be wearing black and gold to support the Dores, since I have more family ties with them than UT!! 

Anyways, have a happy happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone, and thank you so sooo much for reading!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Find My iPhone

This has been a rough couple weeks for me but things are really reallyyyy turning around! Which is especially awesome because the holidays are almost here!!!!

Things went from bad to worse for me this weekend, because I LOST my iPhone. No, I wasn't drunk.. I wasn't out and left it somewhere.. it wasn't stolen by someone...... I completely, absentmindedly MISPLACED it! Which is really one of the most stupid, dumb feelings in the world!

Let me explain my embarrassing story. I was feeling sick all weekend and only left my condo twice and that was to get food. On Sunday, I wasn't hungry but I forced myself to go get my first meal of the day at 8:00 p.m. I pulled myself together and drove through the Wendy's next door to me. I sat down on my couch to eat my food.. and started wondering where my iPhone was. 

I don't have a land line in my condo, so I used the website that I have been using for years when I've misplaced my phone- . It calls your phone for you if you are home alone (I don't have roommates). I called several times.. I didn't hear it ring. I started to worry that it may be on silent... and if it was, it may never be found. I tried to use the Find My iPhone site on my Apple computer at home, but my internet is pretty terrible at home and it wouldn't load.  

After searching high and low, going through the trash and laundry baskets, my fridge, microwave, everywhere... and all through my car for an hour I started to panic. MY PHONE IS GONE! Completely gone. 

And then I started to realize... how am I going to WAKE UP in the morning for work????? I always use my iPhone alarm to wake me up for work and with no iPhone, that means no alarm clock. Since it was a Sunday, every Verizon and Radio Shack in the area was closed and wouldn't open again until 10:00 the next morning.... I needed to be at work by 8:00 a.m.

I jumped in my car in the pouring down rain and raced to Walgreen's to buy an alarm clock. To my surprise, I was informed by a cashier that Walgreen's DOESN'T SELL ALARM CLOCKS. Really? Does nobody use alarm clocks anymore? Furious, I jumped back in my car in the pouring down rain to race to Target - it was 8:45 and I was under the impression that it closed at 9:00 p.m. on Sundays. I had 15 minutes. I ran through Target and finally found an alarm clock and batteries.

The next morning I came into work and called Verizon and Asurion (Verizon's insurance company) and asked them to order me a new iPhone 5 and have it sent via next day delivery to me. Even though I have insurance on my phone, it would still cost $179.00 to replace my iPhone 5. I was sooo mad because my upgrade is on December 10, and I was SO looking forward to getting the iPhone 6! I ordered it anyways because I have got to have a working phone.

After ordering it, I started to get really upset that my phone was lost. I hadn't backed up my phone and there were a lot of pictures, music and phone numbers that would be lost. Any texts or phone calls that were sent to me before I get my new phone would be lost in digital limbo forever. I sat down at my work computer and once again tried the Find My iPhone on the iCloud website.

It had me log into my iCloud, and suddenly.. it showed on a map that my phone was in my work parking garage! 

(This is where my phone is right now, but at the time is was showing it was in the Public Square Garage on this map)
How could this be? I completely searched my car! Maybe it was lying.... It also showed the battery level was on 15% so I didn't have much time left before it was dead. I walked out to my parking garage downtown, searched my car... couldn't find it. Then I returned to our office and asked one of the attorneys if I could borrow his phone to see if my phone was in my car before it died.

I walked back to the parking garage.. opened the car door.. called my number.... and I heard my phone ringing!!!!!!! Really one of the best sounds ever. My phone somehow was wedged way into the side of my driver's seat where it had literally disappeared. If it had been on silent or if I had the Find My iPhone app turned off on my phone I NEVER would have ever known it was there. It took about 10 minutes to pry my phone out of the unreachable side of my seat but I found it!!!!!!!!

I called Asurion and told them I found my phone.. the replacement phone was already being sent to me, but I can send it back to them to get a complete refund within 2 weeks. Thank you sooo much to whoever invented the Find My iPhone app!!!!!! I had also seen on the ID Channel that this app has been used by detectives to solve crimes when people are missing.. the app locates the missing person's phone!

So everybody, this app really works. It could save you a lot of money. It also gives you options to  play a sound on your phone to locate it, turn it onto Lost Mode so a thief can't use it, or you can Erase the data on it so thieves can't get your private text, photos or information. GENIUS! My iPhone 5 came with it automatically, and you can read more about it here.

Readers, have you ever lost your cellphone? Have you ever used the Find My iPhone app? Let me know!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Goodbye Diem!

I heard the worst news last week that MTV reality star Diem Brown lost her battle with cancer on November 14. She was only 32 and I was completely shocked, because a couple months ago I had heard that she was doing much better!

I had watched her on all of the MTV Challenges since 2006- she was on 7 seasons and got to travel the world with the reality show! She was always so up beat and fun and she was one of my very favorite people on the show. 

This was Brown's third cancer diagnosis after being previously diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006 and 2012. When she had heard that the cancer had spread to her colon and stomach, she remained in high spirits and refused to give up, saying "I'll beat cancer again, I'm a warrior!"

Her battle with cancer inspired her to start MedGift, which created a financial and emotional support network for people with cancer or enduring mental health issues. While Brown never intended to use the site herself, her family started a page in her honor following her most recent diagnosis. 

I saw on E News an interview with her that was taken shortly before she passed away. She was telling the camera that she was so "sick of cancer" and just ready to be done with it, all said while smiling. She passed away surrounded by her friends and family. She is in a better place now and she will be missed by so many! She did so much for charities and for spreading cancer awareness

So tragic. This is a reminder of how short life can be and that its important to live life to the fullest! Here is a video (below) I saw today that was played at her Memorial Service. It is really inspiring. It celebrates her life and what she did for so many people! If you would like to donate to the charity she started, click here!

This video definitely made me cry but I'm happy that I watched it. Life is so precious! Readers, did any of you watch Diem while she was on The Challenge? What did you think about her story?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kara's Creations Trunk Show!!

Last week I was contacted by the lovely Kara Thompson, Chief Jewelry designer of Kara's Creations Jewelry. She suggested that I feature on my blog a trunk show that she has coming up this Saturday in Nashville!

 This is Kara! (Image via instagram

She is a native of Nashville, but is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She started out just making jewelry as a relaxing hobby, but then her friends started buying the jewelry off her arm and encouraged her to sell more! Kara's Creations are enjoyed by customers throughout the country. They specialize in original, handcrafted beaded pieces in semi-precious gemstones and unique materials. 

They will also create a custom design piece especially for you by request!!

Trust me.. this girl knows jewelry! I am extremely picky about jewelry and rarely buy any... but when I visited her website I seriously  wanted them all! They are also VERY reasonably priced! 

The jewelry styles brought back memories to me of when I used to go to school in Sewanee- the artist and jewelry vendors there would sell similar style jewelry (but not as cool as these!) Here are some of my favorite pieces by her:

Green Agate Stretch Bracelet Set ($65.00)  

Burgundy and Green Multi-Colored Stretch Agate Bracelet Set ($60.00)

Bone/ Multi-Colored Bib Necklace ($100.00)

Amber and Agate Necklace ($95.00)

Lavender Agate and Druzy Bracelet Set ($70.00)

As you can see.... her pieces are so unique and irresistible! Please visit her trunk show and enjoy refreshments and mimosas while you browse through! The flyer from the event is above.  It is from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 22. It is at Atmalogy  on 2320 West End Avenue in Nashville. If you can't make it to the trunk show, you can also buy items off her website! Happy shopping, readers! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eyes by ToGoSpa

The last couple of years I have been having issues with bags under my eyes no matter how much sleep I've gotten. I assume that it is mostly due to allergies since whenever I take Allegra or other allergy meds for a few days they disappear. 

However, I have become pretty anti-medicine over the last year and I try to take a holistic approach to my health unless it is absolutely necessary. I wont even take aspirin unless my headache is hurting so much that I can barely work. But that's all a story for another day! 

Recently, I had been using this Garnier Eye Roller from Walgreens every day and it has been helping the under eye bags somewhat. Then last week I came across this new product that I decided to try- Eyes by ToGoSpa (formerly known as Eyedews):

They are moisture packed collagen gel pads that provide instant, cooling relief for eyes suffering from dark circles, under-eye bags, fine lines, stress/fatigue, or to help you feel refreshed from a late night of too much fun, hangovers, allergies or headaches. 

Their website says they are the "must do" for anyone in need of a quick, portable, spa-like pick-me-up for your tired, puffy, overworked or over-stressed peepers. 

I didn't end up taking a selfie with them on since I was looking rough before getting ready, so in case you want to know what they look like on your face, here is an instagram picture of my friend from college, Kelly Wonderlin, wearing them (below). She was entering a contest with them last week- you can also read her blog here. (Thanks for letting me use your pic, Kellz!)

How do they work? Activated by the body's temperature, the nutrients stored in each flexible gel bad are absorbed directly into the delicate dermis found just below the eye. Each application is infused with a combination of natural high-density marine collagen, enzymes, amino acids, natural marine minerals, trace elements, proteins and vitamins. 

With one 20 minute application, you will see improved elasticity, texture and overall appearance of the skin below the eye. 

They come in three kinds: 

Ice Water: Refreshing
Soothes, moisturizes, and refreshes tired eyes.

Coconut: Replenishing
Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet. 

Green Tea: Rejuvenating. 
Lifts and rejuvenates your eyes for a fresh, youthful appearance. 

Since my issue is puffiness, I got the Ice Water kind. As suggested, I put it in the fridge for a few minutes before applying. 

I decided to try these out before getting ready to go out on Saturday night- but I wouldn't suggest that because once you put them on it is sooooo relaxing! The gel smells awesome and it is extremely cooling on your eyes once it is activated by your body temperature. 

They suggest that you use them in a peaceful, relaxing environment, and honestly they were so relaxing that I almost fell asleep once I applied them- NOT good if you have to get up and go somewhere! 

I also wouldn't suggest eating with them on, because when I was eating my dinner with them applied they almost fell off my face! 

They REALLY made me feel like I'm in a spa! Once I removed them, unfortunately they did not completely remove my under eye bags, but they did minimize their appearance and make my eyes look more alert and rested. 

I had bought a 3-pack so I will try them two more times before deciding to order more. I suggest anyone and everyone to give them a try! These would also make AWESOME gifts- and you can order them in 3 packs or larger quantities here.

Readers, have you tried Eyes by To Go Spa? What remedies do you use for your under eye bags?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bye Bye, Facebook!

I remember when I first joined Facebook. It was January, 2005 and I was a freshman at Ole Miss. I was there for the first Winter Session that they ever had at the school and the campus was completely empty. 

Since Winter Session hadn't really caught on yet, there were probably only 70 people on the actual campus and I was living in the dorms at that time and I didn't have a car with me that year so I was totally bored and stuck sitting around an empty college dorm! No car, no people, no parties, school work and winter cold.. NOT fun!

Back at that time, people were still using AOL Instant Messenger and I kept seeing this link at the end of people's profiles that said "Facebook Me!" So I ended up clicking on it and learning about what Facebook was. Only a few schools at that time were allowed to join Facebook, and Ole Miss was one of them. 

Out of complete boredom, I decided to join using one of my favorite pictures of me (it was actually a picture of me from a toga party in high school.) Then my Facebook life all started!

 I had no idea what I was in for or what a phenomenon it would turn out to be. Very few of my friends were on Facebook at that time, but gradually through the winter and spring of my freshman year more and more of my classmates joined. More and more Universities were added to the site so many of my Nashville and boarding school friends were all jumping on the Facebook train. 

My sophomore year was when Facebook seemed to really get exciting because that was when PICTURES could be added to the site! That was before camera phones were in use so tons of pics of my friends taken with disposable cameras were scanned in and added to the site. We all were so young and good looking and parties were so exciting and now everyone could see how much fun we were having.... yayyyyyy!!!

My junior year was when Facebook seemed to go down hill for me because that was when the NEWS FEED was added, where you could suddenly see a play-by-play of everything your friends were doing on Facebook. I remember that very morning that the News Feed went live, because we all went to bed that night and woke up and we were like WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY FACEBOOK? 

My roommates and I were all in the living area of our house with our laptops, pointing at our screens being like "WHAT IS THIS? I posted on Stuart's wall last night and now its on everyone's Facebook home page!!!!!!!" My roommate Maggie and her boyfriend had just ended their relationship on Facebook the night before, and unfortunately for her, the announcement of their break up was at the top of everyone's News Feed, with a big broken heart symbol next to it. Horrible, HORRIBLE timing! (Sorry for bringing up that story Maggie but it was such a great example of how invading the News Feed was and still is!)

Unfortunately, the News Feed never went away. About two years later was when the Facebook chat went live, and then Facebook was no longer restricted to just college kids, but for anyone to join. That was when people's parents, etc. were suddenly on it, and people were afraid to "friend" their mom, dad or cousin out of fear for what they could see on their once private page!

These days I have about 1,300 friends on Facebook and I only really keep up with maybe(?)  40 of them. Most of the posts or photos I see are friends that are no longer in my life for various reasons, or people I never really knew to begin with. It seems exhausting to "unfriend" all of the people I don't care to keep up with anymore. With the constant overload on my News Feed of people's posts complaining about their "bad day", friends begging for gas money or a place to stay, political rants, violent pictures of abused animals for animal rights, etc., Facebook had become a downer for me to look through.

I had been on Facebook for over 9 years, and I decided I didn't really want to be carrying around all those years on my page anymore. It is kind of hard to see the pictures I have with ex-bestfriends or ex-boyfriends on there, but I didn't want to delete the pictures or wall posts with them since they were a part of my history and past. There were 2 things keeping me on Facebook- new pictures being posted of me or event invitations. 

I consistently do some PR for new posts on this blog on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, but I would hesitate to post about my blog on Facebook since I have over 1,300 "friends" who could potentially view it. So for a social experiment I posted one of my new blog posts on Facebook for 24 hours. 

The link only got 1 comment and 1 like on Facebook, but it got over 80 views straight from Facebook that day! Usually I will just get 2 views straight from Twitter, maybe 15 straight from Instagram and maybe 1 a day straight from Pinterest. 

Anyways, even though it could really get the word out about my blog, it wasn't enough to convince me to keep my Facebook account. There is just too much negativity on there for me to consistently see, and I don't want to be a part of it anymore. I will miss the new Facebook photos and event invites, but I will just ask my friends to email me the photos or keep me in the loop via text message if something fun is coming up.

So on Friday, for the first time ever I deleted my Facebook account. I may be back someday, but so far it feels freeing from those 9 years of documentation and I don't miss it yet. I will still be keeping my Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter so I can get the idea of what's going on from those. Cya, Facebook! It's been a long run!

Readers, what do you think of Facebook? Have you ever deleted your account- why or why not?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tay Swift Photobomb

This morning when I woke up I turned on the local news like I do every morning before work. I saw the funniest story that really brightened this lousy week for me. Last week, Taylor Swift photobombed a family photo shoot that was taking place at Percy Warner Park in Belle Meade here in Nashville. I grew up down the street from this park so this really hit home for me because we go to this park all the time!

Anyways, photographer, Sarah Bailey was snapping pictures  for a photo shoot when she saw a famous face jogging in the distance. 

According to WKRN, Ms. Bailey asked her 9-year-old client, "Did you see who that was?" The little girl just nodded and was too shocked and starstruck to say a word ( I would be too!!). 

Taylor Swift said hi to the little girl and told her how pretty she looked. She then asked the little girl "Do you want to get your picture with me?" The little girl exclaimed "Yes!" and Swift then proceeded to strike a pose while Ms. Bailey took a few pictures.

Ms. Swift also took the time out of her workout to meet another young fan, 8-year-old Anna Grace Garner and her family, who were having Christmas card photos taken at the time

I would have FREAKED if I had spotted Tay Swift at Percy Warner... and I would have just about died of shock if I had actually gotten an impromptu photo shoot with her!!!!!

I am such a Taylor Swift fan and this is another reason why she is one of the most fabulous and caring musician/celebrities out there! She is always keeping it classy, helping out charities and taking time to meet her fans. Not only was this one of the most memorable experiences ever for the little girls and their families- imagine the PR that this photographer will get! Too cool. Thanks Tay Swift!!  

What would you do if this happened to you?? Feel free to comment!

(Story courtesy of )

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Flash Sale!

Big news! J. Crew Factory is having a surprise flash-sale today! It is 35% off everything (with a few exceptions) online with the code "JOKES" at checkout! Free shipping with this deal too!! The sale will last only until midnight tonight so don't miss out!

I had been eying this gingham check shirt lately (above), and today I was able to order it marked down to $38.60!! It was $59.50 on the website before the discount! But don't forget to enter the code while checking out! You can find it here if you want to order it too!  Let me know if you get any deals today, readers! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dermstore Deals

Today I had to restock my favorite makeup items and I did so from ordering off of my very favorite makeup website, Dermstore. You may have read my post about it from July- but Dermstore is an online makeup and skincare products vendor that sells over 700 brands. 

It has FREE SHIPPING on everything so it completely saves you a trip to the mall or boutique --- and you will get it in the mail in 1 to 3 days. I always get it sent to my office and it is SO convenient!! 

They also send you free samples and gifts with your purchase (who doesn't love free stuff?) and they have come up with 2 other cool offers that I will describe below:

- You can add your favorite makeup products to your "favorites" list on your account with them.. write a couple words reviewing  the product (takes 2 seconds) and you can get 10% off that makeup every time!

- If you sign up for auto refills with them (to get the makeup or skincare product mailed to you every couple weeks or months) you get the 5th refill FREE! Some moisturizer I order costs $30.00 so getting one free is amazing and saves a lot of money!! 

These are the products I ordered today because I keep running out. I have written about these before in a previous post where I wrote about some of my favorite makeup products - but here is where to find them on the website:

Paula Dorf Eyeliner (in Ebony):

This is the very best black eyeliner. It has vitamin E and it never smudges, and it last allllllll day! It doesn't run or anything! You can find it here.

Stila Tinted Moisturizer (in Tone):

Since I have pink tinted skin and turn red easily, a tinted moisturizer is a must-have for me! This tinted moisturizer does an excellent job of evening out skin tones, covers up any acne, and gives you an airbrushed finish. I like tinted moisturizer because it feels WAY less makeupy than bb or cc cream! It has SPF 20 and really hydrates my constantly dry skin! It also makes me look a little tan but not TOO tan! You can find it here - and its available in several skin tones to match your skin- I'm addicted to this stuff! 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
(Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer):

This stuff makes your eyeshadow stand out and last all night! It comes in a little tube but it will be a long time before you run out! Put it on before you put any of your eye makeup on and it will look like a professional applied your eyeshadow! You can find it here.

Readers, have any of you tried these products? What do you think of Dermstore? Happy Veterans Day everybody, and thank you to everyone who has served our country!!! :) 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Blanket Scarves

One trend that I have been unable to ignore lately is blanket scarves! Since 90s grunge has been making a comeback, this is probably why I have been seeing them constantly on fashion blogs. 

(images via instagram and pinterest)

I have been hesitant to order one because I keep reading that these over sized scarves are the size of a picnic blanket, and are huge. I was worried that I might not really know how to fold them, making me end up looking like a homeless hobo.. haha! Here are some examples of ways to wear a blanket scarf (via pinterest):

You can also wear it over your shoulders like a trendy shaw (below):

Zara seems to be the first designer to have really brought forward this trend, and you can see one here on the Zara website. Since then, many other stores have come out with their own version of the scarves. Below are a few of my favorite blanket scarves available today- they are all super affordable!

This is my favorite blanket scarf (below), made by American Eagle- it is available in 6 colors, and today you can get it for $29.95 with the code GOODNEWS. Before the discount it is $29.95 here.

Target also has a version of the scarf (below), but I read it is not blanket sized and it may shed. Other than that, it has gotten great reviews, and its only $16.99 here

ASOS also has a very colorful version here for $34.11:

Last but not least, another version (below) is by Mixeshop on Amazon is marked down to $15.88 here:

Since it is getting sooo cold lately, I will probably cave in and order one soon because they look sooo comfortable and warm!

Readers, what do you think of the blanket scarf trend?

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