Monday, November 10, 2014

Blanket Scarves

One trend that I have been unable to ignore lately is blanket scarves! Since 90s grunge has been making a comeback, this is probably why I have been seeing them constantly on fashion blogs. 

(images via instagram and pinterest)

I have been hesitant to order one because I keep reading that these over sized scarves are the size of a picnic blanket, and are huge. I was worried that I might not really know how to fold them, making me end up looking like a homeless hobo.. haha! Here are some examples of ways to wear a blanket scarf (via pinterest):

You can also wear it over your shoulders like a trendy shaw (below):

Zara seems to be the first designer to have really brought forward this trend, and you can see one here on the Zara website. Since then, many other stores have come out with their own version of the scarves. Below are a few of my favorite blanket scarves available today- they are all super affordable!

This is my favorite blanket scarf (below), made by American Eagle- it is available in 6 colors, and today you can get it for $29.95 with the code GOODNEWS. Before the discount it is $29.95 here.

Target also has a version of the scarf (below), but I read it is not blanket sized and it may shed. Other than that, it has gotten great reviews, and its only $16.99 here

ASOS also has a very colorful version here for $34.11:

Last but not least, another version (below) is by Mixeshop on Amazon is marked down to $15.88 here:

Since it is getting sooo cold lately, I will probably cave in and order one soon because they look sooo comfortable and warm!

Readers, what do you think of the blanket scarf trend?

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