Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Find My iPhone

This has been a rough couple weeks for me but things are really reallyyyy turning around! Which is especially awesome because the holidays are almost here!!!!

Things went from bad to worse for me this weekend, because I LOST my iPhone. No, I wasn't drunk.. I wasn't out and left it somewhere.. it wasn't stolen by someone...... I completely, absentmindedly MISPLACED it! Which is really one of the most stupid, dumb feelings in the world!

Let me explain my embarrassing story. I was feeling sick all weekend and only left my condo twice and that was to get food. On Sunday, I wasn't hungry but I forced myself to go get my first meal of the day at 8:00 p.m. I pulled myself together and drove through the Wendy's next door to me. I sat down on my couch to eat my food.. and started wondering where my iPhone was. 

I don't have a land line in my condo, so I used the website that I have been using for years when I've misplaced my phone- WheresMyCellphone.com . It calls your phone for you if you are home alone (I don't have roommates). I called several times.. I didn't hear it ring. I started to worry that it may be on silent... and if it was, it may never be found. I tried to use the Find My iPhone site on my Apple computer at home, but my internet is pretty terrible at home and it wouldn't load.  

After searching high and low, going through the trash and laundry baskets, my fridge, microwave, everywhere... and all through my car for an hour I started to panic. MY PHONE IS GONE! Completely gone. 

And then I started to realize... how am I going to WAKE UP in the morning for work????? I always use my iPhone alarm to wake me up for work and with no iPhone, that means no alarm clock. Since it was a Sunday, every Verizon and Radio Shack in the area was closed and wouldn't open again until 10:00 the next morning.... I needed to be at work by 8:00 a.m.

I jumped in my car in the pouring down rain and raced to Walgreen's to buy an alarm clock. To my surprise, I was informed by a cashier that Walgreen's DOESN'T SELL ALARM CLOCKS. Really? Does nobody use alarm clocks anymore? Furious, I jumped back in my car in the pouring down rain to race to Target - it was 8:45 and I was under the impression that it closed at 9:00 p.m. on Sundays. I had 15 minutes. I ran through Target and finally found an alarm clock and batteries.

The next morning I came into work and called Verizon and Asurion (Verizon's insurance company) and asked them to order me a new iPhone 5 and have it sent via next day delivery to me. Even though I have insurance on my phone, it would still cost $179.00 to replace my iPhone 5. I was sooo mad because my upgrade is on December 10, and I was SO looking forward to getting the iPhone 6! I ordered it anyways because I have got to have a working phone.

After ordering it, I started to get really upset that my phone was lost. I hadn't backed up my phone and there were a lot of pictures, music and phone numbers that would be lost. Any texts or phone calls that were sent to me before I get my new phone would be lost in digital limbo forever. I sat down at my work computer and once again tried the Find My iPhone on the iCloud website.

It had me log into my iCloud, and suddenly.. it showed on a map that my phone was in my work parking garage! 

(This is where my phone is right now, but at the time is was showing it was in the Public Square Garage on this map)
How could this be? I completely searched my car! Maybe it was lying.... It also showed the battery level was on 15% so I didn't have much time left before it was dead. I walked out to my parking garage downtown, searched my car... couldn't find it. Then I returned to our office and asked one of the attorneys if I could borrow his phone to see if my phone was in my car before it died.

I walked back to the parking garage.. opened the car door.. called my number.... and I heard my phone ringing!!!!!!! Really one of the best sounds ever. My phone somehow was wedged way into the side of my driver's seat where it had literally disappeared. If it had been on silent or if I had the Find My iPhone app turned off on my phone I NEVER would have ever known it was there. It took about 10 minutes to pry my phone out of the unreachable side of my seat but I found it!!!!!!!!

I called Asurion and told them I found my phone.. the replacement phone was already being sent to me, but I can send it back to them to get a complete refund within 2 weeks. Thank you sooo much to whoever invented the Find My iPhone app!!!!!! I had also seen on the ID Channel that this app has been used by detectives to solve crimes when people are missing.. the app locates the missing person's phone!

So everybody, this app really works. It could save you a lot of money. It also gives you options to  play a sound on your phone to locate it, turn it onto Lost Mode so a thief can't use it, or you can Erase the data on it so thieves can't get your private text, photos or information. GENIUS! My iPhone 5 came with it automatically, and you can read more about it here.

Readers, have you ever lost your cellphone? Have you ever used the Find My iPhone app? Let me know!

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