Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tay Swift Photobomb

This morning when I woke up I turned on the local news like I do every morning before work. I saw the funniest story that really brightened this lousy week for me. Last week, Taylor Swift photobombed a family photo shoot that was taking place at Percy Warner Park in Belle Meade here in Nashville. I grew up down the street from this park so this really hit home for me because we go to this park all the time!

Anyways, photographer, Sarah Bailey was snapping pictures  for a photo shoot when she saw a famous face jogging in the distance. 

According to WKRN, Ms. Bailey asked her 9-year-old client, "Did you see who that was?" The little girl just nodded and was too shocked and starstruck to say a word ( I would be too!!). 

Taylor Swift said hi to the little girl and told her how pretty she looked. She then asked the little girl "Do you want to get your picture with me?" The little girl exclaimed "Yes!" and Swift then proceeded to strike a pose while Ms. Bailey took a few pictures.

Ms. Swift also took the time out of her workout to meet another young fan, 8-year-old Anna Grace Garner and her family, who were having Christmas card photos taken at the time

I would have FREAKED if I had spotted Tay Swift at Percy Warner... and I would have just about died of shock if I had actually gotten an impromptu photo shoot with her!!!!!

I am such a Taylor Swift fan and this is another reason why she is one of the most fabulous and caring musician/celebrities out there! She is always keeping it classy, helping out charities and taking time to meet her fans. Not only was this one of the most memorable experiences ever for the little girls and their families- imagine the PR that this photographer will get! Too cool. Thanks Tay Swift!!  

What would you do if this happened to you?? Feel free to comment!

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