Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beanie vs. Toboggan

Okay guys, see this winter knit cap?

Well, growing up in Nashville I always 100% of the time heard of these hats being referred to as a beanie. In the stores, in conversation, everywhere. 

These were really in style when I was in middle school and high school (during my Abercrombie days) and they now seem to be making a comeback. Last weekend I was at a bar Friday night and saw a table of 6 girls all wearing "beanies" with tribal knit cardigans. Well, not until this year (2014) have I ever heard that a beanie is the completely, totally weird and wrong name for it-- and that it is actually called-- get this---  a Toboggan

I had always thought that a toboggan is a wooden sled:

.. or a hat that has tassels like this:

NOT a winter hat like the ones that these celebs are wearing:

I have been told both by an attorney I work with and a male friend of mine that TOBOGGAN has always been the correct name, and a beanie is the strangest word for it ever. They both grew up in the South too! I am starting to feel like an alien from another planet!

Guys, please help me here.. for next time this debate comes up. Is it called a toboggan or a beanie? What word do you use for this hat????? 

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