Monday, December 22, 2014


It is time again for Miscellaneous Monday here at the RG. Hopefully this will make your Monday more bearable. I hope for all of you that you'll be having a short work week for the holidays! 

I'm ecstatic because I get Christmas and the day-after-Christmas off, so that means a 4-day weekend for me is just around the corner! Party time!!!


How to have an Eat Pray Love journey even if it seems impossible;
Even though I was an N*Sync fan, I may actually watch this Backstreet Boys Documentary;
12 brilliant uses for your leftover wrapping paper;
The 4 most common relationship problems- and how to fix them;
27 excited rescue dogs on their way to a happy home;
Everything you want to know about the Sony Leaks Scandal

Hope you enjoyed these links as much as me!

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