Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Reese Witherspoon 60 Minutes Interview

On Sunday, Reese Witherspoon was on 60 Minutes for an interview about her life and to discuss her movie production company. 

It was especially fun for me to watch because she was interviewed at my alma mater, Harpeth Hall! I went to Harpeth Hall for 4 years in Nashville and so did my mother and all of my aunts. I graduated from a boarding school instead but I still have a million memories from middle school and high school at the all-girls private prep school:

 (image via instagram @harpeth_hall)

I remember during lunch we would eat in the cafeteria next to her senior picture, which was included with the rest of  the class of 1994:

It was up on the wall next to all of the other senior picture collages in the cafeteria so you actually had to look hard to find her!

Reese was a child star so she has been famous since before I could remember, but I have been especially impressed with all that she has done lately- she has started her movie production company  Pacific Standard, which focuses on producing movies about strong or complicated women. One of these movies was Gone Girl which I ABSOLUTELY loved (I wrote a mini review about it here)! As you probably know, her newest movie Wild is currently in theaters and I have been dying to see it! 

In case you missed the interview this Sunday, you can watch it below. She discusses how the felt her divorce is what caused the slump in her acting career, and how her own family experiences inspired her production career and her leading role in Wild. Don't miss it!

Watch her interview here!!

Let me know what you think!!

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