Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stitch Fix: Round 3!!

Last week I got my third delivery from Stitch Fix! You can read my Review #1 and Review #2 for a more thorough explanation, but Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that mails you 5 items of clothing or jewelry (called your "fix) to try on, and you keep what you want to buy. It is a $20.00 styling fee, so if you buy anything, that $20.00 goes towards your purchase, and if you buy all five items you get 25% off your entire order! You first fill out an online survey about your size and personal style, and each month the stylist learns better how to style you. 

After not much luck with Stitch Fix the last 2 months, I had decided that this was my last try and if I didn't find anything I wanted then I would cancel my service with them. It also is the holidays and I have been more interested in buying things for others than myself! But I was really, really happy with what my stylist sent me this time!

I had written a note to them beforehand like I always do to give them some kind of direction of what to look for this month. I told them I wanted:

- red or green skinny jeans
- leopard scarf
- hounds tooth button down shirt 

These were pretty specific requests, but I thought it could point them in the right direction since last month was kind of a failure

This is what they sent me:

Fix #1: Polka Dot Print Blouse by Market and Spruce

My Thoughts: This top was gorgeous. You can't really tell from the lighting in the photo, but it was a very pretty navy blue and white print! It was really nice material and I liked the cut of the neckline and the 3/4 sleeves! Also, navy blue goes with almost any color! The only issue was that it had a slit in the sides, and it also flared out at the top which made it look like a maternity shirt. Definitely not the look I was going for. Even though it took some debating, I decided that I shouldn't pay $50.00 for a shirt that made me look pregnant. I loved it, though.

Status: Sent back. 

Fix #2: Caius Straight Leg Jean by Level 99

My Thoughts: I loved these- they were exactly what I'd asked for! They were so comfy and fit perfect! The shade of red was pretty unique and I had been looking for pants like these for a while now.

Status: Kept them! 

Fix #3: 3/4 Sleeve Tie Waist Dress by Collective Concepts

My Thoughts: This dress was gorge. I loved the green and I am always looking for green clothes because its a color you can wear year round and you don't see green in the stores often enough. It fit perfect and was really flowy and could be dressed up or down. I really could have worn it to work or anywhere and it could have gotten a lot of use! It is also a perfect holiday dress.

Status: I loved it, but since it cost $88.00 and I am on a holiday budget, I had to pass :( 

Fix #4: Kalia Faux Leather Shaw Jacket by Mystree

My Thoughts: Okay, when I first saw this jacket, I didn't like it. It looked too crazy for me. I had also misread the item on the price list and had thought it was way more expensive than it actually was (I had confused it with another item I was sent). Then I tried it on and it was the most comfortable, soft jacket ever! I could sleep in it! This shaw/jacket is actually part sweater, part fleece, and part pleather jacket. It looks SO cool on!!! And looks way more expensive than it actually is ($80.00). I had never seen anything like this before and I decided it was a must have. Anyways, this is what Stitch Fix is all about- trying new things that are out of your comfort zone!

Status: Kept it!

Fix #5: Eliot Asymmetrical Knit Cardigan by Katherine Barclay

My Thoughts: This was a very heavy sweatshirt-like cardigan. It had different zippers on it so it could be worn several ways. But strangely, this was the most expensive item of them all ($140.00!) I felt the price totally didn't match this product. It was comfortable but too heavy and way too expensive for me to consider buying. I would never pay that much for a sweatshirt cardigan! 

Status: Sent back.

All in all, I was really happy with what Stitch Fix sent me this time. I would have kept all 5 items if I could have afforded to buy them all. I am super happy with the 2 items I kept. I will see what they send me next month. It is SO fun to get surprise stuff mailed to you! 

Readers, have you tried Stitch Fix? What do you think of these items?

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