Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sequin Leggings

One of my favorite trends of the season are sequin pants and leggings!! Wear them out and you're sure to be the most festive person wherever you go!

If you do a google search, many pairs of sequin pants and leggings are selling for between $100 - $400 (?!?) However, the ones I found below cost between $39 and $60:

1  / 2  /  3  /  4 

Click on the links above to shop! What do y'all think of the sequin leggings trend?  

Monday, December 21, 2015

A Look Back on 2015...

The year 2015 is already coming to an end! This year has absolutely flown by!!! This year has been one of the best years I've had in a long time. This probably has to do with the facts that I've been at my job for a while now, I've been a homeowner for a couple years and I've had more time to travel this year! It really helps when you're in the swing of things and not starting over in some way. I've also learned that it is important to create your own fun if there isn't much going on!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from 2015... 

Bring it on, 2016!!! What was your favorite memory that happened for you this year??

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Affordable NYE Dresses

To me, one of the most exciting days during the holidays is New Year's Eve! I have never been one to stay home on this night when there are so many fun parties going on! I usually get stuck places because the lack of cabs, etc., but it has never kept me from getting out on the last/first night of the year! 

NYE is a night where you can get really dressed up and flashy no matter where you go. I always like to wear something with a little bling or sequins! It may be too late to order gifts to be shipped to you by Christmas, but it isn't too late to order a NYE dress! Here are some affordable ones (from $30 to $80) that I found:

I will be wearing this dress above on New Year's this year! I got it on sale from Macy's for $41 and it may go on sale again soon - it is a junior's size so be sure to order a size up! 

Yep.. some of these dresses are rentals! As you know, I'm a huge fan of Rent The Runway. I rented this dress for NYE in 2013, and this one for NYE in 2014. I can't wait to ring in the New Year at this party here in Nashville  - VIP tickets are still available so I hope you all come too!

What do y'all think of these dresses? What are your plans for NYE this year?? Please share below!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

As Seen On....

Has anyone been watching this new season of Vanderpump Rules? The new girl on the show is Lala Kent....

Ever since this season started I've been recognizing Lala everywhere - modeling clothes on the Nordstrom website or online/ Instagram boutiques! It's funny when I see her face appear on my Instagram feed or when I see her modeling a sweater that I'm looking to buy. 

Here's some pics of her modeling clothes that I've seen recently:

At least we know the parts on the show about her being a model aren't fake (haha)! All of these clothes Lala is modeling are available at Milk and Honey Boutique

Have any of you recognized her as often as me? Also.. what do you think of the new season? There was a new episode last night....

Friday, December 11, 2015

Martinis & Mistletoe

Last weekend we went to Martinis & Mistletoe - a Christmas party fundraiser at Cheekwood. This cocktail party benefits Cheekwood and the Horticultural Society of Middle Tennessee. I had been to this party years ago and had a blast but I didn't go the last two years because there happened to be an ice/snow storm both years. I was really happy that we had warmer weather this year and could go! This event has gotten so much bigger and better since the last time we went!!

Tickets sold out days before the event and I can definitely see why. This was a much bigger production than when I went years ago. The event was decorated beautifully and elegantly with white sheets and lights bordering the ballroom. The band 24/7 played on stage and it was my favorite band I've seen - they played current hits, music from the 70's and 80s, hip hop, and Motown music. 

 Best of all, my best friend of 14 years, Jamie, got to go with us. We have been best friends since high school, college and beyond. She's planning on moving to Nashville soon and got to see some of our old friends at the event. I'm so excited for her to move here:

Tickets were $75 and included an open bar and snacks. They had lots of hors d'oeuvres, but best of all they brought out Krystals sandwiches and PIZZA at the end of the night! I have never seen that happen at a fancy event and it was such a fun spin on a fancy Christmas party! If you were wondering, I got my dress here at Nordstrom and it cost less than $60!

ALSO, this year your party ticket included admission to see the Holiday Lights display at Cheekwood which is amazing! You all have to go see the lights sometime this year - they are gorgeous, and they even play fun Christmas music while you walk though! Here are some pictures of Cheekwood's Holiday Lights that I found on Instagram (#cheekwoodholidaylights) - you can get your tickets here:

This really was one of the most fun parties I've ever been to, so you all should definitely go next year! Have you been to any holiday parties yet this year??

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Cupcakes

It's that time of year where Christmas gifts start showing up around town! Yesterday a court reporting firm gifted us these cupcakes and I thought they were absolutely adorable:

I've never seen cupcakes decorated that way before and I love their creativity:

Yep.. my coworker ate one before I snapped the photo above ha! I tried the red velvet cupcake with the white, green and red sprinkles and it was tasty!  

They were made by the bakery The Rolling Pin in Hendersonville, Tennessee. They also make cheesecakes, cookies, breads, cakes and pies. Their menu is below:

Give them a call if you're looking for tasty Christmas gifts! Here are some other cupcake creations I found on their page: 


So festive and cute! What are your favorite edible Christmas gifts you've received over the years?  I would love to hear!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Taylor Grocery - Oxford, MS

If you haven't visited Oxford, Mississippi before, you need to add this town to your bucket list ASAP. As I've told you before, this town is so much more than a college town and it has been one of my favorite cities in the world ever since I lived there as a college student.

If you do make it to Oxford, you need to make sure not to leave without visiting the famous Taylor Grocery! I promise that it will be one of the most memorable highlights of your trip. Taylor Grocery is well known for having the South's Best Catfish - but it is much more than just food - it's an experience! Taylor Grocery, located in Taylor, Mississippi, 10 minutes from Oxford, was built in 1889 and it originally operated as a dry good store. 

In June 1977, Jerry and Evie Wilson began cooking catfish and eventually opened the first Taylor Grocery restaurant. Catfish and steak are the restaurant's specialties, but they also serve pork, shrimp, chicken, oysters, etc. There is always amazing live music while you eat - here's a video of one of the live performances below:

This teeny restaurant is so famous and popular (it made Southern Living's list of Best Restaurants in the South) that there may be a really long wait - especially during football season. 

When Adam and I were visiting over Labor Day weekend, which was a football weekend (you can read about the trip here), there was a three hour wait. However, when each customer was told that there was a three hour wait, nobody batted an eye- that's how great the food is! People usually tailgate on the restaurant porch or in the parking lot while they wait. Here are some photos I took of the parking lot and the porch:

 We weren't in the mood for tailgating (we had enough of that the day before at the football game), but we walked around the neighborhood and looked at an art gallery next door, and also looked at the chicken coops down the street:

Since we kept busy, the wait wasn't that bad. I have been there many times before where there is hardly a wait or no wait at all, so don't let the potential wait time scare you off - but be cautious during football season. 

Taylor Grocery doesn't serve alcohol but they have a brown bag policy- so you can bring in your own alcohol to enjoy once you're seated. We saw many people bring in their own wine, liquor or beer. Here is a photo I took inside the restaurant:

As you can see, the ambiance is pretty unique. Customers can write all over the walls, and there is memorabilia to Archie and Eli Manning everywhere, and even Taylor High School class photos prominently displayed. We enjoyed listening to the live performance which was a male singer singing today's hits, the Eagles, and music from all of the decades. He was really good!

I agree that they really do have the best catfish in The South! It is definitely the best fried food that I've ever had. We started off by ordering the Taylor Sampler:

Best appetizer ever! It costs $17.00 and comes with four fried oysters, four fried shrimp, four fish nuggets and four boneless buffalo wings. I couldn't decide which sample I liked the most because they were really that good! Don't leave here without ordering this sampler!

Adam had the all you can eat catfish platter, but the first dish had so much food that he couldn't finish one plate. So the normal catfish order is enough for one person:

I tried the "whole catfish" platter and loved it:

It was easy to eat with a fork. Definitely the best catfish I've ever had, their breading and seasoning are really unique. Each entree comes with two sides and hush puppies, so we had the fried okra and fries as well. You can see their entire menu here.

Taylor Grocery is only open on nights from five until 9pm or later and they do not take reservations. However, you can reserve their party room, or even the whole restaurant if you have a special event. 

Also do not forget to leave without buying one of their t-shirts! Everyone in Oxford has one and it's a pretty fun keepsake for your trip:

Have any of you been to Taylor Grocery before? Let me know if you have or if you have any questions before you go! Hotty toddy!!!! :)  

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