Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bachelor Season 19!!!

Okay, one of my biggest TV guilty pleasures is The Bachelor/Bachelorette shows! I have been hooked on the shows for several years now- I love watching love stories, I love reality television, and I love competition shows.. the Bachelor/Bachelorette is a combination of them all!!

If you don't watch the Bachelor, I think you should give this season a chance because I really think this will be the best season of all. 

Chris Soules is unique because he is a 33-year-old bachelor from nowheresville Iowa- so these women have to be okay with living in the middle of nowhere and living a farmer lifestyle with him! Usually the bachelor is a doctor, pilot, businessman or whatever from a big city that has an exciting life for the women to join- so these women need to really be into HIM and not just his job or background! 

Bachelor Chris Soules (image via: Us Magazine)

Chris Soules seems like he is the Bachelor for the right reasons. He makes it clear that he is looking for a wife - not just to be a celebrity. I watched him on Andi's bachelorette season, and I thought he was adorable because throughout her show he was her secret admirer and kept sending her romantic notes.

Andi and Chris (Image via:  Daily Mail)

Andi kept wondering throughout the season who her secret admirer was, and it was too cute once it was revealed that it was him all along! He was really romantic. Chris made it into the final 3, but in the end, Andi, an attorney from Atlanta couldn't picture a future with him farming in Iowa, and he was heartbroken when he was sent home. 

But now, Chris has 30 women to choose from (usually there are only 25!) Bachelor Chris has a really funny sense of humor and is really overwhelmed being around all these beautiful women because he hardly sees any women at all in the small town he lives in!

If you missed the first episode, you can watch it online here!!!

SPOILER ALERT: I watched the premiere episode last night. The women this season are even more beautiful (with great personalities) than past seasons. Usually there are about 15 beautiful movie-star-looking-women, and then 10 pretty women with great personalities. Not this season. This time there are 30 women (there are usually 25) so there are even more to choose from.

I thought it was funny that Chris decided to give Tara, 26, a rose even though she was completely drunk off of whiskey and acting a food during the rose ceremony. I think it shows that Chris knows how overwhelming the show is at first and he cares about giving people second chances. 

I was a little annoyed that he gave Britt, 27, a waitress from LA, the first impression rose. I feel like the aspiring actress seems a little too-good-to-be-true and fake, and may be there for the wrong reasons. She doesn't seem like she would be into the farmer life. The two of them had bizarre chemistry together though, so I guess we will have to see what happens!!

Readers, what do you think about bachelor Chris's season? Do you watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette shows? 

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