Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dry January

I quit making New Year's resolutions a couple years ago because I never seem to stick with them. I get very frustrated if I make a commitment and I don't follow through! 

This year I decided to start off 2015 by not drinking alcohol for the month of January. I had been wanting to take a prolonged break from drinking because of a health kick that I've been on and I knew it would be great to detoxify my body. 

For a while now I have been hyping myself up for my plan. I picked January for several reasons:

     1) It would be a healthy start to a new year;
     2) January has no friends' birthdays, events, or holidays from work where I may be tempted to drink and,
     3) I knew I would feel sooo gross from overindulging during the holidays.

What is funny is that I recently found out that there is a movement in the UK called Dry January, which is where people give up alcohol for this month in honor of  the organization Alcohol Concern. What a coincidence.. great minds think alike!!! 

Their theory is that by avoiding alcohol, people learn how to deal with the abstinence of it. Last year, over 17,000 people accepted the invitation for Dry January- and many of them were sponsored on their journey to raise money for charity!

They even have Dry January gear (above!) 
Maybe I should order one and wear it all month haha!

Its nice to know that there's so many people in the UK taking the same pledge as me! You can see their Dry January merchandise here. You can sign up for the movement here (I couldn't figure out how since its a British site), and donate to their cause here!

I will let you know how this month goes for me once its all over! I got lonely staying in this weekend while the rest of my friends went to the bars, so although I had been planning to avoid alcohol all together, I will probably end up sitting at the bars while my friends drink a time or two. I hate to miss out on things! No drinking for me, though.

If you need inspiration to join in on Dry January, check out this gallery of people in the UK's boozy night on New Year's Eve!

Readers, do you have a New Years resolution this year? Let me know what it is!

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