Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life's Too Short...

Well this week has been way wayyyyy too busy with work and everything else! However I have still been near my computer so I can watch/ listen to the live footage of the Vanderbilt Rape Trial. 

Most of the time I really can't believe what I am hearing. I feel like I am watching a bomb be dropped every 5 minutes! I am an ID channel addict and have worked in the legal field for almost 5 years, and I have never seen a case as crazy as this. I feel terrible for the victim and I really hope Vanderburg is locked up forever because he is obviously a very veryyyyyy sick individual who doesn't belong in society. 

Its pretty hard to defend a crime when the act has been videotaped and photographed, emailed out to multiple friends and there were 6 people in the room, so its interesting to watch the defense counsel try every strategy they can to defend their clients.

 I watched his college roommate (who pretended to sleep through the entire incident) testify on the stand yesterday, and he was asked if he was friends with Vanderburg when they were roomies.. he said "not really.." I can see why... I'm sure he knew his roommate was a creepy mean sicko!!! I wouldn't want to hang out with him either (Vanderburg's text conversations to his friend in California before the incident...... really????)!

It is also crazy that this trial is going on next door to our office every day! Every time I'm on my lunch break I am looking around to see if I can spot any of the lawyers or witnesses from the  trial. The trial is expected to last 2 weeks. You can watch the live footage of the trial on the Nashville News Channel 4 website here

Has anyone been watching the footage of this ridiculous trial? If you have any comments please comment below! Anyways.. hope everyone is having a great week! I just wanted to leave you all with this meme that I saw recently:

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