Monday, February 9, 2015

Grammys 2015

Happy Monday! Did any of you catch the Grammy awards last night? Unfortunately I was not impressed this year with what I saw- there were way too many slow, depressing songs and I felt like today's top artists were singing me 18 lullabies trying to put me to sleep!

Let me start off with this- I loved ACDC's performance and ELO's performance with Ed Sheeran!


ELO's Performance with Ed Sheeran

I also was impressed with Sam Smith's performance, as expected. (Does anyone else notice how much he looks like Boy George??

I loved the fact that he mentioned his Grammy winning song "Stay With Me" was written about the man who broke his heart last year. Success is the best kind of revenge: 

....however, I am very glad that I have DVR because my boyfriend and I ended up fast forwarding through almost every performance! In almost every song I kept waiting for the lights to turn on, someone to jump out, or for special effects to happen- but nothing ever did! 

Kanye sang a song in the dark with a flashlight (inspired by ghost stories, I guess)

Katy Perry must have been tired from her Super Bowl performance because her song and act were a complete snooze.

I love Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine, but the song they picked was way too low for Gwen's voice. I wish they had played an old No Doubt song together instead! Or a vintage Maroon 5 song just to wake the audience up!

Sia's "performance" featured actress Kristin Wiig (what?) dancing in what looked similar to an exorcism with another performer... it was really reallyyyyy painful to watch! 

Ariana Grande sang a slowwwww Mariah Carey type song, I don't remember much about it except that we were ready to fast forward 1 minute into it.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett sang the song "Cheek to Cheek".. which was a nice performance I guess, but not fun or entertaining enough for the Grammys.

As if the awards show wasn't depressing enough, writer Brooke Axtell came out and gave a speech about domestic violence (above). This speech lasted way too long for an awards show. I think its great to raise awareness for such a terrible issue, but last night was not the time to hear her tell her long story about her boyfriend who beat her up.

After struggling to stay awake, and looking at our clocks wondering "when will this end?" Finally, the grand finale- Beyonce! But unfortunately, her act was a slow choir melody which made me feel like I was sitting in church. At the end of her song we were asking, "that's it?" 

First the Superbowl Commercials were depressing and slow, and now the Grammy Awards! I'm not sure who decided to make the Grammys 17 slow, sad songs and 4 upbeat ones, but I hope next time this happens they warn us ahead of time! 

I don't think people enjoy devoting 4 hours of their Sunday night to feeling depressed or sleepy.  Now I'm wishing I caught my regular Sunday night programs instead like Girls or Total Divas... haha! 

Readers, what did you think of the Grammys this year? 

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