Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice Storm 2015

I am writing today from day 2 of the ice storm in Nashville! I am starting to get pretty stir crazy from spending so much time trapped at home. It took me 45 minutes to scrape (most of) the ice off my car yesterday and there have been about 1-3 inches of ice on the roads! The law firm has been closed today and yesterday due to the dangerous conditions (which never happens) and no word if I will be at work tomorrow either! Since it is suddenly supposed to be -10 degrees tomorrow and it will be below freezing all week, I doubt metro Nashville public schools will return until Monday!

View out my window on day 2 of the storm- the kitties and I are getting cabin fever trapped in here! 

This storm has been a lot worse than anyone was expecting! I really freak out about snow and ice because Nashville isn't very good about salting or plowing the roads- and combined with our hills it is very scary for us! Luckily there is a Target within walking distance for me so I braved the snow yesterday to get groceries so I won't starve haha! 

I hope all my fellow Tennesseans are staying safe today and are staying off the roads! And remember.. don't risk crashing your car just to get to work. If you are iced in, work can wait! Safety first, everybody! Be safe!! 

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