Friday, February 20, 2015

Ice Storm: Day 5

Good morning from day 5 of the Tennessee ice storm!!! Above is a photo of my lovely walk into my work building. I can't wait for a giant icicle to fall on my head and impale me :)

I am really reallyyyy over this storm! The sidewalks are solid ice in downtown Nashville.. a complete accident waiting to happen. Literally. Solid ice sidewalks! Everywhere! Our parking garage has ice on the ramps as well. We are supposed to get 2 more inches of snow and ice today so we will be leaving work early today. I can't say TGIF enough times! By now I have grown completely used to temps in the single digits and I have almost forgotten what its like to leave my house without extreme caution of wrecking my car or falling down!

I hope all of you drive SAFELY today! Keep in mind that tomorrow Tennesseans are supposed to have temps above freezing! So this ice will melt. My coworker told me today that since there is so much ice, once it melts with rain we are supposed to have FLOODING. I told him that I would much rather have flooding than this! Sunshine is right around the corner! Be safe everyone and have a fabulous weekend!

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