Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars 2015

This year was one of the best Oscars I've seen! The performances were fab, the speeches weren't too depressing or long and all the nominees seemed genuinely excited to be nominated or to win! It also made me happy that most of the winners had never won an Oscar before! 

Above are my favorite looks from the Oscars. Chrissy Teigen (whose husband, John Legend, won an Oscar that night!) had my favorite look- her hair, dress, shoes, makeup- it all was perfect! Reese looked lovely and looked so happy! Emma Stone also looked absolutely amazing- her dress.. her shoes, makeup and hair were so gorgeous! That color dress looked so perfect with her red hair!

My favorite part of the Oscars was Lady Gaga's Sound of Music Tribute for Julie Andrews. I hate to sound cheesy but Lady Gaga sounded like she had a voice of an angel during that song! Lady Gaga also has a background in theater so I bet she was so excited to perform the songs for Julie Andrews.You can watch her performance below:

Although he hasn't gotten great reviews for his hosting of the Oscars this year, I thought Neil Patrick Harris did an awesome job! I liked his opening musical act and I thought it was funny when he came out in his underwear at one point. Here are a few of his zingers from last night:

Also, I have had that Lego Movie 'Everything Is Awesome' song stuck in my head ever since I saw that performance! It is pretty silly performance but you can watch the it below:

I am so glad I didn't miss the Oscars this year! What did you guys think?

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