Friday, February 13, 2015

Swimville: Sports Illustrated Supermodels Take Over Nashville

Happy Friday everyone! This has been an interesting week here in Nashville. On Tuesday there was an anthrax type package sent to the Supreme Court building next to our office (bomb squads showed up). Then, on Wednesday there was a bank robbery incident in our office building (that was scary!) but most exciting of all, this week supermodels from Sports Illustrated took over Music City!!!! 

When I first heard about Swimville, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit festival, I had assumed it was a trashy magazine signing party. I pictured it was a playboy meet-and-greet type thing with just a few of the models.. but wow was I wrong. Let me explain why I feel really dumb now for not going... ALL of the models were here and did meet and greets downtown on Broadway. Broadway was shut down for two days for the festival!

 Artist Herb Williams made a painting of this year's Sports Illustrated cover (above)- it was created from thousands of crayons- it will be later auctioned to the highest bidder!

 Here is artist, Herb Williams, with the cover model Hannah Davis (image via instagram)

On Wednesday, a huge concert was at the Symphony Center with the super models- Kings of Leon performed and so did Moon Taxi (both bands are from Nashville!):

My boyfriend was actually on live radio on Wednesday for a contest to win tickets to the concert-- he came in 3rd place so we almost got to go!!!!! But anyways, some of my friends WERE able to go to the concert and they got pictures with Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid, etc and got to see tons of celebrities (above)!! Then they got to see Kings of Leon play at the Symphony Center (I've been there many times for debutante events, Ballet Ball, etc).. that show must have been amazing!

 Emily Ratajkowski and other models at the Symphony Center (image via instagram)

 Gigi Hadid with other models at the Symphony Center (image via instagram)

Of all the models, Gigi Hadid is my favorite and I wish I could have met her! I first saw her on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (she is Yolanda Foster's daughter) and she is so adorable and talented! She is becoming really reallllyyy successful in her first 2 years of modeling! Here is a photo of her with some of her fans:

 (How pretty is she?????? Image via instagram #Swimville)

There were more signings and meet-and-greets on Thursday, and then there was another party with the super models at one of my very favorite bars- Acme Feed and Seed! Acme is sooo much fun!!!! The party was actually FREE and they had meet-and-greets with all of the models last night! Some of my friends went to this event as well and got pictures with John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Emily Ratajkowski, etc!!!! (HOW DID I MISS THIS???!!?)

 Emily Ratajkowski and other models at Acme Feed & Seed (you probably recognize Ms. Ratajkowski from Gone Girl and Robin Thicke's infamous Blurred Lines video)

Needless to say, I am very veryyyyy jealous of everyone who went! I had no idea you could actually see/meet these models, much less get PICTURES with them!! Here are some photos I found from the Swimville week- all found on instagram, #Swimville:   

 The models on Broadway!

Gigi Hadid & Emily Ratajkowski at the legendary bar, Tootsies

 Model Kate Bock posing on Broadway

Cover Model Hannah Davis signing a magazine for a fan

I guess I am learning to not make assumptions about events! This event wasn't trashy at all and looked pretty epic-- I'm sorry I missed out! This is pretty great PR for Nashville! Thank you to the models for coming here and being so nice to the fans! I hope all of the SI Models had a very fun two days in Music City!!! Readers, did any of you make it to Swimville? What do you think about this festival?

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