Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bachelor Finale

 Image via People Magazine

Hoorayyyyyyyy!!!!! Spoiler Alert: during the season finale, Bachelor Chris picked Whitney! He proposed to her in his barn in Iowa! I'm so glad that he picked her because she was my #1 pick for him! 

During the Bachelor: After The Final Rose episode, Whitney and Chris were interviewed for the first time as an engaged couple. When asked what she thought of the show, Whitney said that she didn't watch any of this season of The Bachelor except for their dates. She said she didn't want to watch her fiance's dates with other girls, which is very understandable and smart of her! They both look really happy! 

Now she will be moving to his farm in Arlington, Iowa - which will be pretty testing for their relationship since the town is tiny- there's no bar, restaurant, or grocery store. The only things that seem to exist in Arlington are a church, farms, and a school! She also is a nurse so I'm not sure if she will be able to find a nursing job around there so that will be a big adjustment but they look really excited

  image via instagram

Congrats to Chris and Whitney-- this was by far the best season of the Bachelor that I've ever seen!!!

On the downside of the Bachelor: After the Final Rose episode, Chris Harrison announced who is going to be the next bachelorette..... he said that since the producers couldn't decide if it should be Kaitlyn (yes!) or Britt (no way!), they for the first time ever will have TWO bachelorettes on one show! Somehow both of them are going to compete to find true love out of the 25 men together. 

Britt (left) and Kaitlyn (right), announcing they will be the new bachelorettes 

I think this defeats the whole purpose of the Bachelorette show, and I can't stand Britt (she rarely showers, what bachelorette doesn't shower?!?!?), but I think this will be entertaining to watch at least. Kaitlyn is hilarious so it will at least be fun to watch her!!!  

Side note: I LOVE all of the Jimmy Kimmel coverage and appearances on the Bachelor! He showed up on the Final Rose episode and gave Chris and Whitney a cow as an engagement gift for their farm! Hilarioussssss! Britt and Kaitlyn went on the Jimmy Kimmel show afterwards (I recorded it) and I can't wait to see him interview them after their big announcement:

 Kaitlyn and Britt on Jimmy Kimmel (image via hollywood life)

Readers, what did you guys think of the finale.. and that there will be two bachelorettes next?

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