Monday, March 9, 2015

Blowout Co.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Blowout Co. for the amazing job they did on my hair for the Ballet Ball this weekend! I have always been afraid to get my hair done for events because my hair is absolutely impossible to hold curl and it usually looks like a big mess! 

20 minutes later/ 8 hours later

The photo on the left (which is def a snap from Snapchat sorry!) is 20 minutes after my appointment- the photo on the right is 8 hours later! It held up ALL NIGHT and still looked like I just got it done when I washed it out the next night!

A blowout with them costs only $35.00 and you can book online! They have locations in both Nashville and Brentwood! Since this was a dry style (I had them skip the hair wash), it cost me only $20.00 for them to curl my hair! Crazy!! I will definitely be returning for my next event. It also is a relief to know that it actually IS possible to curl my hair without it falling in 1 hour! Thank you, Blowout Co.!!!

P.S.. the Bachelor finale is on TONIGHT! Who is he going to pick to live on the farm with him?? I think it would be best for Bachelor Chris to pick Whitney, but I think his heart wants Becca! Unfortunately, I don't think Becca is that into Chris, so this may be a season where he picks neither! I hope not, though! If you haven't been watching this season you should tune in because this will be must see tv... and you're guaranteed to see atleast 1 person get rejected :(  Here's hoping that Katelyn will be the next Bachelorette!!!!!

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