Thursday, March 19, 2015

In My Carry On...

I am so excited because I am going to Charleston this weekend-- time to par-tay!! Two of my best girlfriends recently got engaged so I will be hopping on a plane to see them and the rest of my Charleston faves! 

Charleston has always been one of my favorite cities and there is always so much to do there! Maybe I'll even see some of the cast of Southern Charm while I'm there ;) 

Anyways, since it's just a weekend trip I will just be bringing my purse and a carry on suitcase-- I will be doing everything to avoid checking any bags! When traveling alone, once I've finally gotten to my destination I absolutely hate waiting on my luggage in the baggage claim! If you haven't heard, the TSA changed their size requirements for carry on luggage last year- so you now should go by these dimensions regardless of the airline:  22" long x 14" wide x 9" height.

After a lot of research I found this carry on suitcase at Target which seems to be within the size limits. It is on sale and has gotten great reviews! But if Southwest makes me check my bag, then back to the store it will go! I will let you know if it doesn't work but it looks like it will be fine!

Here are some things I will be bringing with me in my carry on luggage:
A blanket scarf like the one above is fabulous for a flight because you can use it as a blanket or a shawl if you're cold! My slippers (above) from Target don't even look like slippers when you wear them with pants so they're super comfy in the airport! I love my Tory Burch flip flops and even through it's gross walking through the security checkpoint barefoot, they keep me from overheating while hustling from gate to gate (plus I will be en route to the beach!!) The cardigan above from Nordstrom is on sale and can be worn 2 different ways and it's really comfy!

Let me know if you have any suggestions on what I should bring or read on the plane!

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