Monday, March 23, 2015

Return to Charleston

It was a fabulous weekend trip to Charleston! It was so great to see my girls for a weekend getaway!  I am pretty worn out from all the traveling on airplanes, etc. so I wont be posting much today but I have a fun Charleston post coming up later this week so check back later! Here are a few fun pics from my trip:

With my girls at Tavern & Table

Tavern & Table Restaurant

Night view of Tavern & Table Restaurant

Above is Maggie's adorable house in Charleston where I got to stay for the weekend! It is in West Charleston which is very close to downtown and is the big up-and-coming area for the city. The architecture in Charleston reminds me so much of New Orleans.. it all is so historic and has so much charm!

Be sure to check back later! I am due for some serious relaxation after work today! Thanks for reading!

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