Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Pour House: Charleston

When I was in Charleston I went to this cool bar and music venue called The Pour House! What makes this bar, which has live music every night, so special is that it's completely covered in local artists' murals! Even the bathrooms are covered in remarkable art!

Every year they have a contest where artists will paint murals on the walls and deck- they have a big party/ concert while the artists are painting and then onlookers can come by and vote on their favorite mural! The artists win cash prizes, etc. and their art remains up for all to see! 

This is really a GENIUS idea because you get your venue completely painted for FREE! Each mural really is spectacular and since the bar is also a music venue, many of the artists incorporate the music theme into their artwork! Here are some pictures of the impressive murals.. I was really blown away ...enjoy!!

I love them all!! If you want to visit The Pour House while you're in Charleston or want to contact them, here is their  info:

The Charleston Pour House & The Lot
1977 Maybank Hwy.
Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 571-4343

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