Monday, April 27, 2015

The Bruce Jenner Interview

Did any of you get to see the highly anticipated interview with former Olympian Bruce Jenner? I saw it live on Friday night and it was definitely way more of a crazy interview than I had been expecting. WAY. MORE. CRAZY. At first I had been thinking that 2 hours would be too long for an interview about his personal "journey" topic, but it flew by and I kept wanting to know more! You can watch the whole 2-hour interview here if you missed it.

I kept tearing up at different parts of the interview. First of all, I always really liked him on the Kardashians show, and liked him as a person in general, before any of this. He really is showing bravery in facing his fears and coming out to the world to show he has wanted to be a woman his entire life! 

I know that his bravery will help many transgender people realize that they're not alone, and if the manliest of a man-- a former OLYMPIC champion-- feels this way, then there are probably many others out there.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read below if you are planning on watching the interview.

Some things about the interview that surprised me:

- How many people knew his secret about his gender issue. 2 of his ex-wives knew- because he told them during their marriage! This seemed to lead to the end of those marriages. Some of his children knew! Therapists knew... even his sister knew! So many people have kept his secret for so many years. 

- He underwent hormone treatments in the 1980s. But then he got spooked and stopped his treatments. He then went on to marry Kris Jenner and have 2 other biological children.

- He would wear dresses and women's clothing as a very young child in secret. He would even wear his sister's clothing!

- He would dress as a woman in his adult life out in public. He said he was even approached by a man at the Opryland Hotel when he was dressed as a woman. (Opryland Hotel is here in Nashville.. so that was interesting!)

- After separating from Kris Jenner, he moved into his own home, which was shown on the Kardashians reality show. Us the viewers all thought he moved there because he was overwhelmed and wanted time to himself. But actually, he was starting hormone treatments again. AND he was throwing parties in that Malibu home- and dressing as a woman around all of his friends that came to his parties!

- His children caught him dressing like a woman long before he announced it to his family or the media. He said that Kim Kardashian caught him once in a dress years ago, and later confronted him about it. His daughters Kendall and Kylie had set up a camera to find anyone stealing their clothes- and they caught him wearing dresses on the hidden camera. Crazy! 

- After the media found out about his surgery to remove his Adam's apple, Bruce thought his secret was out and that his life was over. He seriously considered committing suicide in his Malibu home. But then he thought to himself no... I want to see how this story ends! (I really teared up at this part.)  

- I liked what Kanye West had to say when he found out about Bruce's future gender transformation. It makes me like Kanye a littttttle bit more as a person.. (I'm still mad at Kanye for being mean to Tay Swift at the Grammys though!)

It was nice to see his kids, especially Brody and Brandon, show how supportive they are of him becoming the person he calls "she". This all must be very hard for them. 

Bruce Jenner has not announced what his new name will be, but he said "she" will be making an appearance outside closed doors soon! I'm sure this will be very freeing for him. He now can be the person he has always wanted to be. The transgender issue needs to be less of a taboo topic in society! I hope that people will follow Mr. Jenner's lead and decide to come out to the world and be themselves- male or female! 

Readers- did you watch the interview? What did you think?

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