Monday, April 13, 2015

Facts You Didn't Know About Jordan Spieth

It was a big day yesterday at the Masters Tournament- 21-year-old Jordan Spieth earned a huge victory tying the tournament record at 18 under par and becoming the second youngest winner in history, right after Tiger Woods:


Despite solid performances from Justin Rose and Phil Mickelson, no one came within three strokes of Spieth. Pretty impressive! But who is this youngster? Here are some facts that you didn't know about Jordan Spieth:

- He was born on July 27, 1993 in Dallas, Texas.  

- Height: 6 foot 1 (I thought he looked like a shortie on tv, guess I was wrong!)

- He credits much of his success to his sister, Ellie. He calls her his good luck charm. The 14-year old has a neurological disorder that puts her in the autism category:

 (image via instagram: @jordanspieth)

She inspired him to set up the Jordan Spieth Charitable Foundation, which raises money for young people with special needs, military families and the junior golf fund. 

-He always buys and gives Ellie a key chain as a souvenir from the places he visits. 

- Spieth's girlfriend, Annie Verrett, is his highschool sweetheart. She recently graduated from Texas Tech:

(images via instagram: @jordanspieth)

- His caddy, Michael Greller, used to be a full-time math teacher. He ditched the mathematics for golf clubs after offering to caddy for an amateur for free. He was then put in touch with Spieth who was looking for a caddy in an amateur competition, and they quickly hit it off. 

 (image source)

- After his victory at the Masters, his celebration meal was at Chick-fil-A, and they opened on a Sunday just for him!

- None of Spieth's family plays golf. His father played college baseball while his mother played basketball. He first tried golf when his mother bought him plastic clubs as a toddler so he could distract himself while she looked after his younger brother. Haha!!!

Spieth sounds like such a great guy! Much cooler than cummy old Tiger Woods! People tend to get better at golf as they age, so I'm sure there's many more years of wins for Jordan Spieth in the future! Congrats on your victory, Mr. Spieth!

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