Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bachelor Breakup


Oh nooooo! Bachelor Chris Soules and Whitney Brischoff have already broken up - just 2 months after The Bachelor Finale! They released a joint statement today saying they "have mutually and amicably decided to end their engagement. They part with nothing but respect and admiration for one another and will continue to be supportive friends. They wish to thank everyone who has supported them through their journey."

This makes me sad! They only made it work for 6 months! I wonder what happened.. did Whitney get annoyed with his endless dance practices on Dancing With The Stars? Did she decide she didn't want to move to middle-of-nowhere Arlington after all?  I guess we'll never know! :( Feel free to comment...


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Duggar Bummer


I wouldn't normally post about this type of subject matter but I am today because I'm mad. I wish I could take back every minute I spent watching this family on TV! 

Yep.. I had always liked the Duggar family and their show 19 Kids and Counting. I liked seeing their family values and how positive they all were.. it was a great family show. The religious Duggar kids would wear denim skirts to their ankles and weren't allowed to kiss or even hug before marriage, so it was interesting to see them date or get married. They seemed like a "perfect" family- they never complained, were always upbeat, and always had the right answer for everything. But as you most all know by now, thanks to InTouch Weekly, this family is not what we all thought. 

Josh Duggar, 14 or 15 years old at the time, and the oldest of the 19 Duggar kids, was actually questioned by police for molesting at least 5 victims in 2006- and many of them (or possibly all the victims) were his siblings. Hours after InTouch exposed the story on May 21, Josh Duggar admitted that the facts were true.

TLC needs to permanently pull the show off the air and act like that show never existed. Seriously. These girls were victims of horrible crimes and never should have been put on TV. 

Josh Duggar has been a major character on the show- his marriage and the births of his three children were all featured on the television series. 

Worst of all, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar knew about these crimes long before they agreed to televise their show on television for all to see! That is what I find the worst about all of this. 

They knew their son had problems and that their daughters were victims, but they still signed them up for TV! For years they've been on television pretending like they are the perfect family. Horrifying.

Don't ever put that show back on the air, TLC. Let the Duggars go on with their lives and try to find some normalcy. Don't even have any spin-off shows- the family has made enough money by now and their image is now completely ruined. I hope that Josh Duggar will now be punished for his crimes.. or at least the victims won't have to see his face on TV anymore. 

Thank you to Oprah's network for getting the investigation rolling years ago. Thank you to the person who found a secret letter about the incident in a book and wrote this cryptic email to Oprah's network Harpo Studios in 2006:

And finally, thank you to InTouch for getting this out in the media so an investigation can possibly be reopened. What do you guys think about all of this?

Such a bummer! Feeling disappointed in humanity,

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trip to Port Saint Joe

We had a fabulous weekend in Port St. Joe, Florida! I loved the city- it's about 45 minutes from Panama City and reminds me of Key West or Seaside but isn't so touristy. There's a lot of beautiful old southern homes and buildings that are gorgeous. I loved how quiet it was there and how there was barely anyone on the beach! We had some of the best seafood I've ever had and best of all, it didn't rain once the entire time! There wasn't even much traffic on the way back. I will write a later post on what to do and where to eat in Port St. Joe, but for now here's some pics from the trip!

View from our porch- we were right on the beach! 

The beach house

The beach house 

On the beach

The girls and the guys!

Waffles, Amber's dog who got to be a beach dog for the week!

Hope you all had a fab holiday!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nordstrom Sale!!

Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale! It is up to 40% off almost everything on their website and in stores! The sale lasts until May 31 so you have a while to save! Above are some of my favorite items from the sale. I actually ordered the pink dress because its so cute and marked down to only $27.60- it also comes in navy blue and black! Click on the links above to shop...

Hope you all have a fab Memorial Day weekend.. get some rest but have lots of fun! Three day weekends are one of the best things ever & I hope you all get Monday off from work! Let me know if you get anything from all the sales going on!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beach Looks!

This weekend I am going to a beach house with a group for the holiday weekend! I'm pumped for a beachy getaway! Yesterday I went to the mall on an emergency mission since some of my beach stuff is worn out, lost or falling apart! 

The struggle is the same as last year- bikini bottoms are so skimpy and small! Not what I'm looking for when I'm on a boat with people! If you are looking for more "normal" swimsuit cuts, definitely check out the swim section of Victoria's Secret- they have lots to choose from. Nordstrom doesn't have a lot right now, but Everything But Water has some fab cover ups, beach bags and swimsuits! 

Above is what I got last night on my shopping trip- click on the links above to shop them for yourself! Let me know what you think!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Bad Blood

Last night was the long awaited premiere of Taylor Swift's music video for Bad Blood! What makes this video so special is all the celebrity appearances in it: Lena Dunham, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Ellie Goulding, Hayley Williams, Hailee Steinfeld, Zendaya, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Cara Delevigne, Mariska Hargitay, Ellen Pompeo, Martha Hunt, and Sereyah.

This video is awesome! I love it not only because I am a fan of so many of the actresses/models, but it is a fab display of girl power :)  Also, surprisingly Tay Swift looks great as a redhead!!

The video premiered at the Billboard Music awards. Back when I first got T. Swift's album I wasn't a big fan of Bad Blood.. it actually was my least favorite song on the CD. But after seeing Kendrick Lamar's rap sections added in, I definitely like it more now.

Also, did you know that this song was apparently written about Katy Perry? I have read that Tay Swift and Katy Perry used to be close friends but now they hate each other for many reasons- they both dated John Mayer, they have had disputes over backup dancers, etc. Anyways, it is all speculation, but Selena Gomez appears to be playing the part of Katy Perry in the music video.  If you haven't seen it yet, watch it below! 

Let me know what you think!

Friday, May 15, 2015



In two months the RG will be one year old! Pretty exciting.. so far I've gotten to try some free stuff, been invited to some cool events and met some fab people that I never would have met otherwise! I have really learned a lot in the last year and I'm sure I'll learn even more by July when The Ritzy Glitzy turns 1! 

Anyways, I have been looking around at other local bloggers who seem to have much more of a following than me, even though they post far less often than I do. I really don't care if I make money off this blog because it's such a fun hobby, but it would be nice to reach a wider audience.

This definitely shouldn't be considered a "fashion blog", this is more of a lifestyle blog and I always try to write about a wide variety of topics. Personally, I can get bored of the fashion blogs where you have to scroll through 15 pictures of the blogger wearing 1 outfit to read the material. Don't get me wrong.. fashion blogs are great, but they can bore me a little bit. I check lifestyle blogs more often because you never know what topics the blogger will surprise you with and what facts you'll learn.

I have been working on networking and joining blogger societies and groups. One of the blogger societies that I applied to and really wanted to join ended up rejecting me this week. The reason why? They said it was because I didn't have enough "professional photos" of myself. I can sort of understand the need for photos of the blogger's outfits if it is a fashion blog.. but this is a lifestyle blog.. is there really need for a million fancy photos of me? If I am writing about a product review, do you really need to see a professional photo of me holding the product? Apparently so.

This blog is meant to be about my material. It is supposed to be about my writing, not me or what I look like! I feel really uncomfortable posting selfies or having a professional photographer take a photo shoot of me! But blogging can open the doors to writing for magazines and other publications, and unfortunately this may be one of the only ways to be taken seriously by these sources.  

So, therefore, in the next couple months you will be seeing some changes around this blog. So far, I have built the template, etc. of this blog myself and I am very proud of it, but I have found a really cool web designer that I may recruit to make some bloggy changes to look more flawless and profesh!

Also, if you know of a local photographer who is talented and won't cost an arm and a leg, please send me the info. It will be really awkward for me to have a photo shoot but it is apparently necessary. I will also look into trademarking the blog's name for legal purposes. Stay tuned.. and thanks for reading! Happy Friday.. enjoy your weekend, everyone!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Target Finds: The Best Tanks

Okay guys, if you are not wanting to spend money or buy any new clothes, you should completely avoid Target right now! I ran into Target last week to buy some napkins, cups etc. for Steeplechase.. but as I walked through the door I got distracted by the swim section.. long story short, I ended up forgetting completely about why I went to Target in the first place and walked out with new summer clothes instead! Whoops. Everything in there is so adorbs and irresistible- you've been warned! So many cute tops and dresses.

But at least these are items I have been needing. Too many of my clothes are dressy or pajama-ish.. no in between. I need more casual shirts that I can wear OUTSIDE my home that I can wear on a road trip, to the airport, running errands, etc., without looking like a bum. So I ended up getting a few tank tops and believe me these are so presh!!!

I first grabbed this rainbow tank:


It fits absolutely perfect and is really comfy. It is loose fitting but still fitted- not skin-tight or staticy like most tanks, and a little low in the back so you can wear it with leggings. It looks way more expensive in person like it would be from Nordstrom or American Apparel or something. Best of all... this comes in 11 colors:


These are all on sale for $10.00 or less- so since this tank is so perfect I ended up ordering it in several colors- some of them shown above! They can be dressed up or down or even work to work with a cardigan.. soo many possibilities!  Target also has free shipping for orders over $25.00 on their website so why not? I'm so glad I got these!

I also got this tank top in orange (below):

It also fits perfect and is nice material.. and only costs $10! You can order it here

Last but not least is this embroidered tank that I grabbed in the lavender color:

The model's expression in these photos is pretty funny huh? But the tank is so fab. The colors look less intense and way better in person- I wanted the orangey-red version as well but I forced myself to not buy any more items in the store! They also had very cute boho tops and dresses (and SHOES!) but I used what self control I had left to not even try them on.

So you've been warned. If you go to Target, put some blinders on or you may end up getting way more items than you expected! But if you're looking for a great deal on some high quality stuff then definitely stop in or look on their website. I am so happy I did! No buyer's remorse here.

Happy shopping, readers!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Steeplechase: Flashback Friday

Tomorrow is this year's Iroquois Steeplechase! As you have read, I am a huge Steeplechase fan! I can only remember missing 2 in my entire life! Anyways, in celebration of tomorrow's races, here are some ghosts of Steeplechase past for Flashback Friday.. enjoy!










Gotta love vintage photos. Good times! If you are going this year, be safe and have a blast!!! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Flip Burger - Review

This weekend I finally got to try Flip Burger! It has only been open a few months, and since I live close by and drive by it every day, I had been dying to try it! FLIP Burger is "a modern burger boutique" and it was created by Richard Blais. You may remember Richard Blais from being a runner up on Top Chef Season 4, and the winner of Top Chef Season 8!  

It is located on the West side of Nashville on Charlotte Avenue, which is the side of town where real estate developments are currently flourishing:

We were really happy that although it was a Sunday night, there was zero wait and we were even able to find a booth. This is the inside of the Nashville Flip Burger:

As you can see, this is a very trendy styled restaurant and not your typical sports bar atmosphere. I will start off by saying I was really, reeeeeally impressed by the food! I'm so happy we tried this place. Here is what we had:

We started off with the Fried Cheese Curds as an appetizer:

I picked this because I had read in reviews about how great they are. They are several kinds of cheese fried in a wonton type breading, served with a tartar sauce-type dipping sauce. They may not look like much, but we couldn't stop eating them! They were gone in about 5 minutes. So good! 

The prices are reasonable at Flip Burger, but sides have to be ordered in addition to your main meal. So I ordered the  Sweet Potato Tots- these come with Burnt Marshmallow Foam:

These were insanely good! I thought no tater tots could top the ones from the Grilled Cheeserie, but these tots are likely the best I have ever tried, and the sauce was really unusual and tasty!

Adam had the Beef Fat French Fries as his side:

They come with a specialty smoked mayo dipping sauce and specialty ketchup (above). Let me tell you.. these are really the best fries I have ever had. Seriously.. and I am such a french fry fan so that says a lot. I had thought for so long that the fries at Tavern were the best in Nashville, but now I am convinced that the Flip Burger fries top those!

Adam and I both ordered the Double burger:

This burger has 2 angus patties, double bacon, white American cheese, diced onions, pickles, and yellow mustard. I had read that most of their burgers are a little on the smaller side, but this one was huge. I could only finish half. It was a delicious burger but next time I want to be more adventurous and order their Turkey Burger, Lamb Burger, Shrimp Burger or Bison Burger!

We had wanted to try one of their milkshakes but we were way too full! They have a crazy looking S'Mores milkshake that has burnt marshmallows on top! They also have really delectable looking specialty cocktails and martinis that are worth trying if you are wanting to booze.

My only complaint is that it is pretty bright in there, so don't go in there if you have a headache. I am a big fan of darkly lit restaurants no matter what time of day! But if you are looking for a restaurant to try that is modern, unusual and still tasty- definitely check out Flip Burger! They also have a location Birmingham and 3 locations in Atlanta.  I already can't wait to go back. Let me know what you think of Flip Burger!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mayweather v. Pacquiao.. What You Maybe Missed

Saturday night was the long awaited boxing match between Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. and Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao. Mayweather calls himself "Money" for good reason.. he is the world's highest paid athlete. He was paid $180 million (win or lose) for this fight, while Pacquiao was paid $120 million (win or lose). The fight took place in Las Vegas and was only available via Pay Per View.

I watched the fight on Saturday night and I had thought it was a close match, but most people think Mayweather beat Pacquiao by a landslide. Many celebrities were in the audience, including Beyonce and Jay Z, Paris Hilton, Ben Affleck and Drew Barrymore. But who really stole the spotlight from the famous boxers before the match were the surprise people in their entourage.

When Manny Pacquiao had his big intro as he walked to the ring, we could see him walking followed by a crowd of people. But if you looked closer, you could see that Jimmy Kimmel was behind him in disguise!!! We didn't see him at first until a girl sitting next to me said something.

He was wearing a strange hat, a chain, and a t-shirt that showed a Pac Man eating Mayweather faces (above).

(Selfie from his walk to the ring that Pacquiao posted on twitter)

Hilarious! This is yet another reason why Jimmy Kimmel is one of the funniest people on television! Soooo random. He was definitely the last person I was expecting to see.

Then, when Mayweather came out for his grand entrance to the ring, he was followed by 2 other familiar faces. The BURGER KING (?!?!)  and the Biebs.... Justin Bieber! random is that? We all really got a good laugh from all of this. 

I wish Pacquiao had won, but there's always next year! 

Let me know what you thought of the match!

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