Friday, May 15, 2015



In two months the RG will be one year old! Pretty exciting.. so far I've gotten to try some free stuff, been invited to some cool events and met some fab people that I never would have met otherwise! I have really learned a lot in the last year and I'm sure I'll learn even more by July when The Ritzy Glitzy turns 1! 

Anyways, I have been looking around at other local bloggers who seem to have much more of a following than me, even though they post far less often than I do. I really don't care if I make money off this blog because it's such a fun hobby, but it would be nice to reach a wider audience.

This definitely shouldn't be considered a "fashion blog", this is more of a lifestyle blog and I always try to write about a wide variety of topics. Personally, I can get bored of the fashion blogs where you have to scroll through 15 pictures of the blogger wearing 1 outfit to read the material. Don't get me wrong.. fashion blogs are great, but they can bore me a little bit. I check lifestyle blogs more often because you never know what topics the blogger will surprise you with and what facts you'll learn.

I have been working on networking and joining blogger societies and groups. One of the blogger societies that I applied to and really wanted to join ended up rejecting me this week. The reason why? They said it was because I didn't have enough "professional photos" of myself. I can sort of understand the need for photos of the blogger's outfits if it is a fashion blog.. but this is a lifestyle blog.. is there really need for a million fancy photos of me? If I am writing about a product review, do you really need to see a professional photo of me holding the product? Apparently so.

This blog is meant to be about my material. It is supposed to be about my writing, not me or what I look like! I feel really uncomfortable posting selfies or having a professional photographer take a photo shoot of me! But blogging can open the doors to writing for magazines and other publications, and unfortunately this may be one of the only ways to be taken seriously by these sources.  

So, therefore, in the next couple months you will be seeing some changes around this blog. So far, I have built the template, etc. of this blog myself and I am very proud of it, but I have found a really cool web designer that I may recruit to make some bloggy changes to look more flawless and profesh!

Also, if you know of a local photographer who is talented and won't cost an arm and a leg, please send me the info. It will be really awkward for me to have a photo shoot but it is apparently necessary. I will also look into trademarking the blog's name for legal purposes. Stay tuned.. and thanks for reading! Happy Friday.. enjoy your weekend, everyone!!

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