Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Target Finds: The Best Tanks

Okay guys, if you are not wanting to spend money or buy any new clothes, you should completely avoid Target right now! I ran into Target last week to buy some napkins, cups etc. for Steeplechase.. but as I walked through the door I got distracted by the swim section.. long story short, I ended up forgetting completely about why I went to Target in the first place and walked out with new summer clothes instead! Whoops. Everything in there is so adorbs and irresistible- you've been warned! So many cute tops and dresses.

But at least these are items I have been needing. Too many of my clothes are dressy or pajama-ish.. no in between. I need more casual shirts that I can wear OUTSIDE my home that I can wear on a road trip, to the airport, running errands, etc., without looking like a bum. So I ended up getting a few tank tops and believe me these are so presh!!!

I first grabbed this rainbow tank:


It fits absolutely perfect and is really comfy. It is loose fitting but still fitted- not skin-tight or staticy like most tanks, and a little low in the back so you can wear it with leggings. It looks way more expensive in person like it would be from Nordstrom or American Apparel or something. Best of all... this comes in 11 colors:


These are all on sale for $10.00 or less- so since this tank is so perfect I ended up ordering it in several colors- some of them shown above! They can be dressed up or down or even work to work with a cardigan.. soo many possibilities!  Target also has free shipping for orders over $25.00 on their website so why not? I'm so glad I got these!

I also got this tank top in orange (below):

It also fits perfect and is nice material.. and only costs $10! You can order it here

Last but not least is this embroidered tank that I grabbed in the lavender color:

The model's expression in these photos is pretty funny huh? But the tank is so fab. The colors look less intense and way better in person- I wanted the orangey-red version as well but I forced myself to not buy any more items in the store! They also had very cute boho tops and dresses (and SHOES!) but I used what self control I had left to not even try them on.

So you've been warned. If you go to Target, put some blinders on or you may end up getting way more items than you expected! But if you're looking for a great deal on some high quality stuff then definitely stop in or look on their website. I am so happy I did! No buyer's remorse here.

Happy shopping, readers!

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