Friday, May 1, 2015

White Jeans: The Struggle

Last summer I wrote a post about my issues finding cute white jeans anywhere. I figured that by this summer a year later, the styles would have changed and there would be more flattering white jeans available. But nope I was definitely wrong! The white jeans that I got last year (on sale) majorly stretched out after I wore them once so I just wear them to work now. So I went to the mall yesterday to look for a new pair! 

I looked in the 7 For All Mankind Store, Express, Nordstrom, and even Ann Taylor. The only white jeans available were either skin-tight skinny jeans, were totally see-through, or were super baggy parachute-type pants. Or they were "distressed" white jeans with a bunch of rhinestones and holes in them. 

I was shocked. Who wants to wear see-through pants completely showing your inner pockets or your underwear? See-through pants are not my cup of tea. Also, the color white is less forgiving so white skinnies are not very flattering on anyone unless you have stick legs. Who wants to wear skin-tight, legging type pants in the summer anyways when it's hot? 

I read a post yesterday about how skinny jeans are going out of style, and I can see why. I don't want to wear boots or booties in the summer cause it's hot, so I try to stick to open-toed shoes, which can look silly with skinnies. 

I also think that bootcut is the best look for white jeans in the hot weather because it doesn't look like you're jamming yourself into tight jeans in the heat. Since there were zero bootcuts at Nordstrom, I went out on a limb and ordered this pair of bootcut white jeans from their website:

7 for All Mankind jeans usually fit me without being too low cut or too tight, so I will let you know how they are! I figured I should invest in a nice pair since it is such a struggle to find any at all that look even half way decent. Nordstrom has free shipping and returns, so why not? Click here to order them for yourself.

Readers, are you having the same struggle as me this spring? Pleeeeeaseeee let me know if you find any white jeans anywhere! Thanks!!

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