Friday, June 5, 2015

Best Memes of the Week: Part 2

Happy Frrrriiiiidayyyyyy! I am so ready for the weekend- and for once it's not supposed to rain here in Nashville! Hopefully I can go sit by my pool on Saturday and Sunday- I've been dying to start acting like it's summer around here

Anyways, here's my favorite memes of the week- part 2! (You can view Best Memes #1 here!) They were either found by me or by readers of this blog. Again, I apologize for any of the language in these but they were so funny I had to post. 

Hahahaha!! My favorites are the emo bunny and the Kim K 'doesn't know you're crazy' one! Also the Bruce Caitlyn meme..... and the whispering group text one. I love them all! What are your favorites? If you find any funny memes, please comment tag me on Instagram (my username is @theritzyglitzy) and I'll pick my favorites for the blog series! Thanks guys. Have a fun weekend!

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