Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marnie The Dog


Guys. Let me tell you about Marie the dog. As you know, I am a huge fan of rescuing animals- and to adopt and not shop! I have two rescue kitties and you can meet my furry family here! But anyways you may have already heard about Marnie because she has gotten a little bit famous in the last year (all these images found via instagram)!

Marie was found by Animal Control in August 2012 on the harsh streets of Connecticut with matted and smelly fur. The shabby looking Shih-Tzu was then placed in a shelter and named Stinky- probably due to her condition and 14 decaying teeth. 

She was then adopted by Shirley Braha as a result of a petfinder.com post. Stinky then took a train ride with her new mommy, and lived up to her name by stinking up the whole train (due to her neglected condition). 

Her adopted mother, who happens to be a producer for MTV, renamed her as Marnie, after musician Marnie Stern. She visited a vet and had 14 decaying teeth removed, and soon began to feel and smell much better! Marie's left eye was so gray and cloudy that Braha, her adopted mom, was told that Marnie was going to be permanently blind in that eye. 

Shortly after she was adopted, Marnie's condition began to improve and her personality started to shine bright! She was soon able to see out of her blind eye again! Marnie is 12 years old now and completely healthy. She seems to have an unusually long tongue that makes her show her silly side in photos. 

Braha made a Tumblr and Instagram account for her which soon went viral. Her videos and photos are absolutely precious and hilarious! Watch some of my favorites here:

Marie now has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and has gotten to meet many celebrities (shown below)! Braha was able to quit her job due to Marnie's fame and now brings Marie to festivals and events- because so many people want to meet or get a photo with the famous Marnie! 

Note: In case you were wondering, Marnie also has an unusual head tilt which vets say is not to be concerned about. It may be a result of a short illness called Vestibular Syndrome when she was living on the streets. The 12 year old dog's favorite things are long walks, exploring, sleeping, chicken, watermelon, and parties. Her owner Braha says that the only things Marnie dislikes is being left alone because she becomes anxious. 

This should be inspiration for all to adopt senior animals! They are often the last ones to be adopted at shelters. Think about people who own pets and then pass away.. and then their animal may be left in a shelter and possibly put down because people would rather have a kitten or puppy. 

Ms. Braha told the Daily Mail, "Senior rescue dogs are known for being especially grateful and loyal to their new owners for giving them a second change on life, and Marnie lives every day exemplifying this job and gratitude."  

Whenever I'm having a bad day I look at the photos or videos of Marie and it always makes me smile (no matter how sad or mad I am)! Be sure to follow her on YouTube and Instagram: @MarnieTheDog, and follow her on her other social media accounts! You never know what a joy a shelter animal will turn out to be! Adopt and don't shop, guys! Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of Marnie's videos and story!

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