Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rachel Dolezal

Someone who is probably having a worse week than you is Rachel Dolezal. Really... what was she thinking? Dolezal, the president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP was recently called out on being untruthful in her claims to be of black ethnicity. She even identified herself as black in an application to the City of Spokane, despite being born to Caucasian parents in Montana. You can watch the recent news interview where she was confronted about these lies here:

Yep, she definitely ran off, dropped her purse and hid in a nearby boutique- not even attempting to defend herself once confronted.

Dolezal was born with blonde hair and blue eyes:

...but her looks have changed some over the years:

Dolezal then, Dolezal now

She has been pretending to be a black woman for around 10 years, and hasn't spoken to her parents in about 8 years- probably to keep up her fake identity and deception. She has lied to everyone, not just at her position as president at the NAACP office, but also at her job as a professor in African American studies! 

Once asked, her parents told the media that yes, she is their daughter, she is white, and she wasn't born black in any way. They said she has been having race identity issues for years and they hope she can get the help and therapy she needs.

Worst of all though is that she has even pretended to have a black father- this man:

 Dolezal and her black "father" in an NAACP Facebook Post (above)

.. and it doesn't stop there. She also has been pretending that her adopted brother is actually her son- see below:

Dolezal with her black "father" and son

You can read an interview with some of her siblings about her transformation here. How did she think that she wouldn't get caught in these fabrications when she's walking around with her real name and being a public figure for the NAACP? What a joke. 

Side note: I can't help but look at photos of Ms. Dolezal and think about all the WORK that it must take for her to keep her skin and hair that dark... and her hair that curly! I have a fair complexion and blonde straight hair like her, and it would take spray tanning 7 days a week to get that dark. I can't even imagine how many hours it would take to get my hair to look like that, especially permanently!

I also like to think about what it must have been like to be working at that NAACP office when their president got caught in her trickery. How awkward!!!!!!

Anyways, she stepped down from her position at the NAACP this week. She went on to be interviewed on the Today Show yesterday, where Matt Lauer tried to get some questions answered. Watch the interview here!

I think its fine to live your life as a different race if that's what you want.. but don't lie to the government, your coworkers, your employer and your family! Don't cut off relationships with your family members and tell other people to pretend to be your father or son! What do you all think of Rachel Dolezal's dishonesty

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