Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bachelorette Finale

SPOILER ALERT: Well, Kaitlyn Bristowe actually has some smarts to her after all! Much to my surprise, she ended up picking my #1 pick, Shawn Booth, to be the winner of The Bachelorette! Nobody ever picks who I want from the beginning! 

After a bummer of a season, I am relieved that there was a happy finale! The season started off on the wrong foot from the very beginning from having two bachelorettes- I think it messed things up from the very start and I hope that ABC doesn't choose to do that again. 

They also didn't go to many fun places and basically stayed in California or Ireland the entire time. (I miss watching the larger than life tropical or bizarre location vacays.) 

Also, Kaitlyn invited that weirdo Nick Viall from Andi's season to come onto the show, which really irritated me. I hated Nick Viall on Andi's season and thought he was a wimp and a creep, so I wasn't happy to watch him on a 2nd season of The Bachelorette. 

There were other shake ups that happened this season that I won't even bring up here, but lets just say that I was not happy with Kaitlyn's behavior while filming the show! What an awkward season this was.

Kaitlyn even sent an accidental Snapchat spoiler when she posted a snap of her and Shawn together when the season was airing, so I guess the story actually was legit since we all know now that Shawn was picked in the end!

The finale was definitely a surprise because I had really thought that she was going to pick Nick. I am so happy that she picked Shawn- and he proposed to her in the finale! I saw them on the After the Final Rose episode last night and they looked really happy and excited!

Kaitlyn and Shawn went onto Jimmy Kimmel last night and made a pledge to him that they will be married or still together a year from now. They even bet him $1,000 that they will be married/together in one year! Too funny.

I hope everything works out for them! Congrats, Kaitlyn and Shawn! You can read their interview with People Magazine here

P.S. Shawn lives here in Nashville and some of my friends have spotted him around town in the last couple of months. Maybe we will see him and Kaitlyn around here!!!

Let me know what you thought of Kaitlyn's season! Were you as surprised as I was that she picked Shawn? Do you think she made the right choice??

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