Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cute Blazer Alert!!


Hey it's already July 1! I am so excited about the 4th of July.. not only because it's a holiday but because it will be a 3-day-weekend! A very much needed 3-day weekend indeed. 

Red white and blue outfits are so fun to put together for the holiday and it always surprises me how few American-flag-themed outfits stores offer! You usually just see American flag bikinis, but that's it. I looked for an American flag dress or tank top for this year, but had no such luck.

Anyways! I have found something WHITE for you guys today- the cutest blazer and it's ON SALE for only $30.00!! It is from H&M:

It is marked down from $49.50 to $30.00 today and you can order it here! I couldn't resist the deal and ordered the blazer this morning. White blazers can be dressed up or down and worn year round. It can go with any outfit color combinations. You can wear it over casual dresses, or even a tank top and jeans! 

Look how cute Yasi (above) from Hello, Gorgeous looks in this exact blazer! I'm always so impressed and amazed by the outfits she throws together. Who knew a military cargo vest would look great over a lacy white dress? Only Yasi could come up with such combos!

Let me know what y'all think and if you have any suggestions on 4th of July wear! 

Proud to be an American,

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