Monday, July 27, 2015

Gingham Time!


There is something so irresistible about gingham check! Gingham check shirts can be worn year round and can be dressed up or down. An online boutique, Mindy Mae's Market has gingham check shirts in almost every color! They are only $39.99 which is much less than gingham shirts from J. Crew:

Click on the colors above to shop! How cute would that green shirt be for St. Patrick's Day?

I currently have the blue shirt and the purple shirt, but I have my eye on the red one and also the hot pink one! I wear them to work with white or black pants, but they can be worn with a skirt on the weekends too! 

If you follow them on Instagram (@mindymaesmarket) you will see that they have lots of flash sales- I ended up ordering mine for only $20.00 each! Some images below are from their Instagram account:

They have lots of  cute skirts, dresses, etc. at Mindy Mae's Market so be sure to look around their online store sometime! 

Let me know what you think!  

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